Leveraging Advanced Technologies and Partnerships

Creating Innovative Services through Partnerships

Basic policies and structure

Basic concepts and policies

SECOM has created many new services to realize a society in which everyone can live with peace of mind.

However, in recent years the social environment has changed rapidly, and people’s needs for safety and peace of mind have become more diverse. Accordingly, there is now a demand to create the services needed by society in a “faster and more diverse” manner. To meet this demand, we believe that it is necessary to actively integrate ideas and technologies from both inside and outside the Company. Since 2015, we have been promoting open innovation activities and collaborating with a variety of partners to verify and commercialize new value.

In 2019, we launched SECOM DESIGN FACTORY as a brand that represents our teams and activities that create new value for customers and society, as well as the products born from their efforts. With SECOM DESIGN FACTORY, we aim to create new value through ambitious and experimental collaborative initiatives not bound by the conventional associations of the SECOM brand.

With the rapidly accelerating trend toward digitalization, including the use of data science such as cloud computing and AI, it became necessary to envision an image of our new business models, even in the areas of our existing services. For this reason, we opened “HARAJUKU 3rd Place” as a new forum for utilizing cutting-edge digital technology and collaborating with people with more freedom and more flexible ideas.

Moving forward, we will undertake the challenge of creating new value demanded of us that addresses the concerns of society by promoting strategic collaborative projects with partners and conducting collaborative activities both inside and outside the Company.


We promote the SECOM DESIGN FACTORY project with the dedicated organization Open Innovation Team playing the central role. At the same time, in our existing business domains, it is important for employees to freely discuss, collaborate, and undertake challenges beyond the boundaries of the organizations to which they belong. Therefore, we established the Business Design Laboratory within our headquarters in 2020 and are actively promoting cross-departmental activities. In 2022, we relocated the Laboratory to “HARAJUKU 3rd Place” to further promote collaborative activities, undertake aggressive applications of technology, and carry out collaborative efforts both inside and outside the Company, with the aim of solving our customers’ issues.

The innovative project brand “SECOM DESIGN FACTORY”

SECOM DESIGN FACTORY encompasses all the teams and initiatives involved in addressing the challenge of developing new services and products that accelerate the creation of customer and social value, covering the wide range of beliefs and ideals of our diverse partners rather than just our own.

The logo’s design depicts the symbols “0→1,” which together represent the creation of new value that had not existed previously. In addition, the “1” in the logo is fashioned in the shape of an arrow, representing the idea of progressing toward the future.

This brand has already created a variety of new services, and we are continuing to announce ongoing projects.


cocobo, a new security robot

In January 2022, SECOM launched a new security robot named cocobo, based on the concept of “harmony with public spaces.”

cocobo is a security robot that utilizes cutting-edge technology and provides security services while maintaining harmony with locations such as commercial facilities and office buildings. The robot operates autonomously, analyzing images captured by its camera in real time using AI and automatically notifying the facility’s disaster prevention center if it detects any unattended items along its route. When conducting its security inspections, cocobo can be fitted with an arm attachment that allows it to perform activities such as inspecting waste receptacles and checking whether doors are properly locked. It also makes use of a wide range of data in the cloud, including information from equipment such as elevators and electric door locks in buildings, as well as information on facilities and locations.

With the current shrinking of Japan’s working-age population, securing an adequate labor force has become an important social issue. Reducing physical demands on individual guards and improving work environments in the security services industry are other important concerns. As one solution to these issues, SECOM is working to create new security services that leverage cutting-edge technologies.

At SECOM DESIGN FACTORY, we collaborated with Mr. Kota Nezu of znug design, inc., as well as Loftwork Inc., to redefine the presence of security robots and realize sophisticated designs. For the robot to be more familiar to our customers and employees, we solicited candidate names for the robot from within SECOM, and “cocobo” was selected through a process involving both internal and external parties.

cocobo, a new security robot that works in harmony with public spaces

SECOM Cantabile app

In February 2022, SECOM started offering the SECOM Cantabile app, which enables subscribers to use SECOM Home Security more comfortably and more enjoyably by linking it with their Apple Watch or iPhone.

With an Apple Watch, when subscribers leave or return home, they can use a notification from the app to arm or disarm SECOM Home Security simply by tapping the Apple Watch, thereby improving the security user experience.

In addition, with an iPhone, a “health report” is prepared that visualizes healthcare data such as the calories expended, steps taken, sleep time, and blood oxygen level obtained from an Apple Watch, so that this information can be used for day-to-day healthcare.

The SECOM Cantabile app’s icon on an Apple Watch (left) and home screen on an iPhone (right)

Virtual KEIBI System

In January 2022, SECOM launched the world’s first Virtual KEIBI System, which uses AI to perform security monitoring, reception, and other duties.

In this system, an AI-powered 3D character “virtual security guard” performs security monitoring, reception, and other tasks previously carried out by human guards. The virtual security guard is projected onto an integrated mirror display that reflects the real space and communicates with a surveillance console via 5G, Wi-Fi, and other communications systems to control devices remotely and make emergency calls.

When a visitor speaks to the virtual security guard, AI recognizes the voice, judges the content of the speech, and responds automatically with natural-sounding, synthesized speech. Depending on the circumstances, the visitor can also speak remotely with a human guard at the surveillance desk in the disaster prevention center. As optional features, the system can also guide visitors through a facial recognition system or be equipped with a thermal camera and ask visitors to measure their body temperature.

Virtual KEIBI System responding to a visitor who has a fever

Mago Channel with SECOM

In January 2020, we launched Mago (grandchild) Channel with SECOM, a new service based on the concept of “joyful care,” in collaboration with the IoT start-up Chikaku Inc. This new service connects SECOM’s Mimamori Antenna environment sensor to Chikaku’s Mago Channel, making it possible to check how grandparents are doing while also enjoying communication among family members.

Mago Channel allows users to send videos and photographs taken with a smartphone app directly to the televisions of parents living elsewhere, enabling seniors unfamiliar with the Internet and smartphones to enjoy the virtual experience of living together with their grandchildren through the medium of television. At the households of the children sending the videos and photos, users can use an app to check when their parents are up or in bed, and monitor indoor temperature and humidity changes, based on information from the Mimamori Antenna installed on the Mago Channel set.

This service, devised on the new idea of using IT to enjoy communication within a family while maintaining just the right distance, was the first product created by SECOM DESIGN FACTORY.

Users can enjoy videos and photographs by simply connecting the Mago Channel to the televisions they use every day.
Mago Channel with SECOM set

A new forum for dialogue “HARAJUKU 3rd Place”

In July 2022, we opened “HARAJUKU 3rd Place” in the SECOM headquarters building, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, with the aim of creating an advanced forum for implementing new dialogue, collaboration, and communication in the SECOM Group.

The phrase “3rd Place” incorporates the idea of a forum for customers and SECOM Group employees to interact and collaborate, regardless of internal and external frameworks.

In this era of rapid change, it is becoming increasingly important to explore and acquire cutting-edge digital technologies and to collaborate with parties both inside and outside the Company. HARAJUKU 3rd Place was established as a forum for implementing these actions more freely, flexibly, and concretely. This facility houses the Business Design Laboratory for conducting research on the creation of new services using advanced technology. The Laboratory is responsible for planning and promoting cross-departmental activities for participants from inside and outside the Company, as well as operation of the facility.

HARAJUKU 3rd Place, a base for generating new ideas