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Q1: What is SECOM’s securities code in Japan?


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Q2: What is the minimum trading unit for shares in SECOM?


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Q3: When was SECOM established?

SECOM was established as Nihon Keibi Hosho Kabushiki Kaisha on July 7, 1962, changing its name to SECOM Co., Ltd., in December 1983.

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Q4: When were SECOM shares first listed?

SECOM listed its shares on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) in June 1974, moving up to the first section in May 1978, and on the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) in June 1986.
SECOM shares are now listed on the first section of TSE, due to the cash equity market integration between TSE and OSE.

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Q5: Where can I find information on SECOM’s latest operating results?

Information on SECOM's operating results and financial condition can be found on the Financial Information page. More detailed information can be found in the Company's Financial Reports and SECOM Reports/Annual Reports.

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