Website Disclosure Policy

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Website Disclosure Policy

When using SECOM's website, please be aware of the following:

1.Basic Policy

SECOM Co., Ltd., strives to accurately, impartially and promptly disclose corporate information to shareholders and investors that may influence investment decisions.

SECOM discloses information subject to timely disclosure regulations without delay, in compliance with both laws pertaining to securities trading and the regulations of the stock exchanges on which its shares are listed. SECOM also actively provides timely information not subject to disclosure regulations with the aim of enhancing understanding of the Company.

2.Role of the SECOM Website

The SECOM website is provided for the convenience of people who use the Internet to gather information on the Company and not for the purpose of soliciting investment. Investors are encouraged to exercise their own judgment in making investment decisions.

SECOM publishes information on the website as it sees fit to ensure the accurate, impartial and prompt disclosure of information required by law and by pertinent regulations, as well as to voluntarily provide information it deems relevant, to investors. However, the Company does not guarantee that all disclosed information is published on the website. The Company also disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the content herein.

Before using this website, you are asked to read and familiarize yourself with SECOM’s website disclosure policy.

3.Forward-looking Statements

Financial results forecasts and projections contain forward-looking statements regarding SECOM’s assumptions, expectations and plans for the future based on information available to management as of the date of publication. The Company’s performance is subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from forecasts and projections. Accordingly, SECOM cautions website users not to rely solely on results forecasts and projections.