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Assets and Liabilities

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Total current assets, at 806.7 billion yen, were up 5.9% or 44.9 billion yen. This was largely attributable to the increases in work in process for real estate inventories by 78.1% or 17.4 billion yen to 39.6 billion yen, cash on hand and in banks by 4.9% or 14.9 billion yen to 317.2 billion yen, notes and accounts receivable, trade by 8.5% or 10.1 billion yen to 129.9 billion yen and cash deposits for armored car services by 4.0% or 5.1 billion yen to 135.8 billion yen, despite the decrease in short-term investments by 40.9% or 12.0 billion yen to 17.3 billion yen.


Total fixed assets, at 913.5 billion yen, were up 2.8% or 25.1 billion yen. This was mainly attributable to the increases in intangible assets by 16.9% or 18.8 billion yen to 131.0 billion yen and net defined benefit asset by 17.4% or 6.1 billion yen to 41.4 billion yen.


Total current liabilities amounted to 357.5 billion yen, were up 1.0% or 3.6 billion yen, owing largely to the increases in deposits received for armored car services by 5.5% or 5.9 billion yen to 113.8 billion yen, payables-other by 7.0% or 2.6 billion yen to 40.1 billion yen and accrued consumption tax by 38.0% or 2.1 billion yen to 7.9 billion yen, despite the decreases in bank loans by 7.6% or 3.4 billion yen to 41.5 billion yen and other current liabilities by 12.1% or 3.0 billion yen to 22.4 billion yen.


Long-term liabilities decreased by 0.5% or 1.4 billion yen to 281.5 billion yen, compared to at the end of the previous fiscal year. This was mainly attributable to the decreases in deferred income taxes by 11.8% or 2.5 billion yen to 19.3 billion yen, straight bonds by 24.0% or 1.6 billion yen to 5.3 billion yen, long-term loans by 9.9% or 1.4 billion yen to 12.7 billion yen, other long-term liabilities by 21.6% or 0.9 billion yen to 3.4 billion yen and guarantee deposits received by 2.1% or 0.7 billion yen to 33.1 billion yen, despite the increase in investment deposits by policyholders, unearned premiums and other insurance liabilities by 3.7% or 6.1 billion yen to 172.3 billion yen.


Total net assets amounted to 1,081.2 billion yen, 6.7% or 67.9 billion yen higher than those at the end of the previous fiscal year, mainly due to the increases in retained earnings by 6.8% or 54.2 billion yen, remeasurements of defined benefit plans, net of taxes by 124.6% or 5.5 billion yen and noncontrolling interests by 6.1% or 7.3 billion yen.