Employee Self-realization and Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion

Basic policies and structure

Basic concepts and policies

SECOM recognizes the importance of creating new value by including diverse human resources and values, and works to promote diversity, including the active participation of women at work. In October 2017, we announced the Declaration of Promoting Diversity & Inclusion. With this declaration, we work to respect the diversity of each employee, regardless of nationality, age, biological sex, disability, work styles, sense of values, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and to create an environment that enables all employees to utilize their abilities to the fullest.

Declaration of Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

(released on October 1, 2017 in the name of the President and Representative Director)

  • Guided by a disciplined corporate culture rooted in SECOM's Philosophy, we respect differences and prioritize diversity in our human resources.
  • We aim to be an organization in which all employees can work with drive, vitality, confidence, and pride.
  • We consistently pursue the creation of innovative value by supporting employee growth and enhancing synergies among the various strengths of individual employees.


Under the Human Resources Department, which is responsible for SECOM's human resources strategy, the D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) Promotion staff is in charge of activities to respect and bring out the best in each employee, including the promotion of women's activities.

Advancing diversity

Promoting active participation by women

The first step in our diversity efforts is the implementation of measures for promoting active participation by women. SECOM believes that it is important to boost the awareness of all employees, regardless of gender and, guided by the D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Promotion staff, we have set targets for the hiring and promoting women and creating positive working environments that will serve as the foundation of our hiring and promotion efforts. We are working toward achieving these targets.

Initiatives based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

On April 1, 2021, SECOM formulated the “Action Plan for Fostering Career Opportunities for Female Employees.”

Action Plan for Fostering Career Opportunities for Female Employees

Date of formulation: April 1, 2021

As a corporation that provides society with safety and peace of mind, SECOM has formulated the following action plan to create working environments where female employees can work with drive and vitality, and are free from anxiety.

1. Period

  • April 1, 2021–March 31, 2026

2. Issues at SECOM

  • Low ratio of female employees in management positions (especially section managers or higher)
  • Lower average length of service of female employees than that of male employees

3. Objectives

  • Increase the number of female employees at manager level*1 to at least 200 and at supervisor level*2 to at least 400.

    *1 Manager level: corporate headquarters, assistant manager or higher / regional headquarters and regional office, manager or higher

    *2 Supervisor level: regional headquarters and regional office, supervisor

  • Expand the scope of jobs available to women and increase the number of female employees by more than 500 from 2,396 in 2016 (the year the previous management plan was formulated).
  • To prevent harassment, provide online training for all employees once annually and training for newly appointed regional office general managers at least once.
  • Extend the average length of service of female employees by more than one year from 12.2 years in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020.
  • Increase the percentage of annual paid vacation days taken by employees by more than 10% from 53.2% in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020.

4. Contents of initiatives

Initiative 1: Active development of female leaders

In 2016, we partially revised our job qualification system based on seniority and transitioned to a system where appointments to official posts could be made more flexibly, resulting in a steady increase in female managers.
Going forward, we will continue to promote and strengthen this direction in our initiatives and foster female leaders by increasing the number of female managers.

Initiative 2: Expanding the scope of jobs available to female employees

We have been expanding the scope of jobs available to female employees to the sales of electronic security services and security products to business customers, as well as security service operations including control center work that operates security responses.
We expect an increase in the number of female employees as well as an increase in managers with broad perspectives by having experienced a wide range of jobs.

Initiative 3: Creating positive working environments for female employees

  • Initiatives to prevent harassment Annual e-learning programs for all employees and training for newly appointed regional office general managers at least once will be provided. Additionally, a dedicated consultation desk for various types of harassment will be established.
  • Initiatives to promote work-life balance
  • Shorter working hours for childcare: To be applied to employees who have children who have not yet entered the second grade of elementary school (at fiscal year-end) (Exceeds legal requirement, which is children under the age of three).
  • Life Support Program: Supports flexible work styles specific to the situation of the individual such as childcare (after the application of the shorter working hours system has ended) and nursing care.

Developing female leaders

Actions to promote active participation by women

For women to advance their careers and become leaders, they require a wide range of job experience, which is why one of the pillars of our efforts is expanding the scope of jobs available to women.

For example, newly graduated female employees hired during regular annual recruitment were primarily assigned to home security sales positions. However, we have expanded placement positions that in the past were chiefly the domain of male employees with security guard experience, such as corporate sales and security operation control center staff. After placement, we identify the aptitudes of each individual employee, examine the possibility of rotating jobs to develop leaders, and verify methods to measure the effectiveness of this approach.

Increased appointments to control center positions

With the measure to expand placement positions, the number of women appointed to control center positions is increasing, and many women are now working in our control centers across Japan. Female control center staff often place highly in our internal contests for control center staff. In their actual duties, they are also highly engaged and successful, carrying out precise operations and helping save lives.

Since fiscal 2019, we have conducted training for female control center staff throughout Japan to enhance their motivation by providing a broad range of knowledge and ways of thinking. Following the training, we offer additional opportunities for sharing information and developing skills, such as through training sessions conducted at regional headquarters.

Active participation at construction sites

Our Techno Division is responsible for installing the equipment and systems needed to provide security services, as well as for maintaining and updating building equipment. In recent years, a growing number of women joining the Company have expressed the desire to be involved in work-site construction management and inspection operations, and the range of fields in which female employees can thrive is expanding.

Wearing safety helmets, work clothes, and safety shoes, they have been well received as they deal with customers at construction and maintenance work sites, and as they collaborate with the employees of partner companies.

Japan Women's Innovative Network

Another measure involves our participation in the Japan Women's Innovative Network (NPO J-Win). The main activity of this organization is to encourage career development for women. The participants learn the significance and value of career advancement and form their own "leadership mindset" through project management experience. SECOM dispatches two female employees every year to cultivate our human resources and build networks with other participating companies.

After completing the activities, all participants report high-level results and continue to be active as candidates for management positions. The participants are expected to become role models for other female employees and to expand this mindset.

Recruitment and active participation of people with disabilities

SECOM has established the special subsidiary* Secom Business Plus Co., Ltd. and employs people with disabilities to work in business sites such as farms that grow vegetables used in dishes served at training centers. Furthermore, following our basic diversity policy that covers eliminating discrimination, offering reasonable accommodation, providing consultation hotlines, and implementing consultation follow-up measures, etc., we take attentive measures for the sensitive needs of each individual, including arrangements for sign language interpreters and provision of supportive devices and software.

* Special subsidiary: Subsidiary established to promote the employment of people with disabilities.

Registered as a “barrier-free mind” support company

It has become important to have a “barrier-free mind” to think about how to create a society and environment where all people can participate equally, and take necessary actions to realize this. In 2019, SECOM CO., LTD. was registered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a “barrier-free mind” support company.

“Barrier-free mind” registration certificate

Seeking to construct a new model for employment of persons with disabilities

SECOM participates in the Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE), which seeks to create new value by recognizing disability as diversity and establish a new model for employment of persons with disabilities that will contribute to corporate growth.

In order to proactively construct a workplace environment with active participation by persons with disabilities, we strive to support the employment of those who have the desire to work, through activities such as reviewing and introducing role models and cooperation with partners in industry, government, or academia.

Promoting the active participation of older employees and supporting life after retirement

System for shorter working hours for older employees

At some positions, employees aged 50 years and older can apply to a system for shorter working hours. Moreover, all employees who are rehired after reaching mandatory retirement age can use a system for shorter working hours. This system enables experienced older employees to play active roles for a longer time.

Additional rehiring of employees aged 65 years and older

The mandatory retirement age at SECOM is 60 years old and employees can be rehired until they reach 65. In September 2017, we established a system for additional rehiring of employees over 65 years old with a desire to work. These employees are rehired for specific positions and are able to work until they reach 70.

Intranet site with information on life after retirement

In order to assist employees in planning for life after mandatory retirement age, SECOM has established the intranet site with information on the retirement allowance pension and life planning, etc.

Flexible option for retirement age

We offer another option that enables flexible life planning by each employee, establishing a system in which the individual can decide on the timing of retirement within the range of 50 to 60 years old. Employees using this system are provided an additional retirement bonus, which helps them try different work without waiting until the retirement age of 60. Furthermore, if the needs of the individual and the company match, we actively support re-employment at SECOM and other group companies.

Addressing LGBT issues

In August 2016, SECOM concluded the “Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement” with Tokyo's Shibuya Ward, where our corporate headquarters is located, to resolve social issues in the local community. Under this agreement, we are working to support activities to raise awareness toward realizing a diverse society.

With respect to LGBT (sexual minority) employees, we accommodate individual needs in areas such as company facilities (lockers, etc.), uniforms, and the like. From fiscal 2020, we have included LGBT issues in e-learning to prevent workplace harassment and strive to ensure correct understanding and knowledge within the company. In June 2020, we revised the regulations for preventing workplace harassment, prohibiting unnecessary comments and actions related to sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as the disclosure of such information to others without the consent of the concerned individual.