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Management Information

Overseas Operations

We made our overseas debut in 1978, when we established a presence in Taiwan. Today, our overseas business encompasses operations in 13 countries and territories. A distinguishing feature of our overseas security services is that we offer on-line security systems with SECOM-style services customized to reflect local needs and sensibilities. The services we provide overseas, which are of the same high quality as those offered in Japan, continue to earn praise from overseas customers, as a result of which market acceptance is increasing steadily.

Operations in each market

Taiwan Secom, providing on-line security systems to customers in Taiwan
Taiwan Secom, providing on-line security systems to customers in Taiwan

Publicly listed subsidiaries Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd., in Taiwan, and S1 Corporation, in the Republic of Korea, are among the largest providers of security systems in their respective markets. Both companies continue working to expand their operations by providing a wide range of security services with a focus on on-line security systems.


Control center of Beijing Jingdun Secom Electronic Security Co., Ltd.
Control center of Beijing Jingdun Secom Electronic Security Co., Ltd.

In the Peopleís Republic of China (PRC), we have established a network of bases in 25 key coastal and inland cities through which we are working to gradually grow demand for commercial and home security systems, among others.

In Southeast Asia, which continues to see economic growth, the efforts of Group companies are bolstering acceptance of SECOM style on-line security systems in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

We have also made a full-scale entry into the market for home security systems in major Asian urban centers and in Bangkok have commenced sales of a new-model smartphone-controlled home security system.

We continue to promote a variety of collaborative efforts overseas. In one example, we are working with a major retail group to propose facility management and administration services for large commercial complexes that help reduce labor requirements in the PRC, Vietnam and Malaysia, among others. We are also reinforcing our sales of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in Thailand and Malaysia.

In addition, we are taking steps to strengthen our systems integration (SI) services business. To this end, we have created an SI team, positioning us to offer detailed proposals for various large-scale facilities under development in Asian markets.


Control center (Secom plc, United Kingdom)
Control center (Secom plc, United Kingdom)

Group companies in Australia and New Zealand provide security services to major financial institutions and other customers, earning high marks from customers.

Subsidiary Secom plc provides high-grade, highly rated security services to customers across the United Kingdom.


Recognizing considerable potential for growth in the security services market in Turkey, which continues to see robust economic growth, in February 2019 we established a joint venture with a major local conglomerate. This will enable us to provide high-grade SECOM-style security services to Turkish customers.


The desire for safety and peace of mind, as well as for comfort and convenience, is global. Accordingly, we will continue working to expand acceptance of SECOM-style services in countries and territories where we have established a presence, as well as to enter promising new overseas markets. We will also deploy the ANSHIN Platform overseas and promote the term ANSHIN as a universally recognized and accepted term.