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We made our overseas debut in 1978, when we established a presence in Taiwan. Today, our overseas security services business encompasses operations in 12 countries and territories, through which we extend diverse services and products, notably on-line security systems with emergency response services, customized to reflect local market needs.

Operations in each market

Publicly listed Taiwan Secom, the largest security services company in the Taiwanese market, offers a broad lineup of services and products, ranging from home security to safety management systems for large-scale facilities. The company is working actively to incorporate new technologies by, among others, introducing security that uses wearable cameras and developing smartphone apps, with the aim of improving services.

Operations in the ROK are spearheaded by S1, which is also publicly listed and the leading company in the local security services market, and include the provision of a wide variety of security services and building solutions, centered on on-line security systems. S1 continues to garner praise from customers for its swift emergency response services, which it extends through a network of approximately 750 emergency depots, underscoring growth in subscriber numbers.

We have created an extensive security services network in the PRC encompassing bases in 24 coastal and inland cities, through which we are working to further expand sales. We have also set up a manufacturing facility in Shanghai that produces security equipment tailored to local market needs.

Emergency response vehicle (Shanghai Secom Security Co., Ltd.)

In Southeast Asia, SECOM Group companies in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam focus on on-line security systems, local acceptance of which continues to grow.

SECOM provides interactive security services in ASEAN member states

We also continue to see increased contract volume in Turkey, where our diverse array of security services includes safety management systems for various customers. In 2021, we opened an R&D facility in the country that is devising systems that make extensive use of IT.

Having set forth a policy of being the leading provider of premium security services tailored to advanced needs in Australia, we extend high-grade services, such as large-scale systems integration, to customers across the spectrum, from prominent financial institutions and large commercial facilities to government agencies. In New Zealand, we extend security services, as well as maintenance and inspection services. Our high-performance surveillance camera systems enjoy particularly solid support from customers ranging from major supermarkets to financial institutions.

Control center (Secom Guardall NZ Ltd.)

Subsidiary Secom plc delivers high-grade on-line security systems and other security services across the United Kingdom. The company has built a robust reputation, earning the trust of government agencies, and of leading financial institutions and major corporations.

Expansion of operations in growing markets

We recognize that strengthening our operations in promising overseas markets is essential to ensuring sustainable growth. We are working to accelerate the proliferation of services—particularly in Asia, which is home to rapidly growing wealthy and middle classes—by creating services that better reflect local market needs, promoting the active hiring and training of local staff, and stepping up marketing to raise awareness of the SECOM brand. Through these and other efforts, we continue striving to increase the percentage of consolidated net sales and operating revenue accounted for by overseas security services to more than 10%.

In the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, we have introduced a cloud-based interactive security system that enables operation and the confirmation of images using a smartphone app, which enhances user convenience. We are also working to expand availability to other countries and territories.

At the China Innovation Center, in Shanghai, and the ASEAN Innovation Center, in Bangkok, we are striving to develop systems that respond to market needs by incorporating advanced technologies, and to foster highly skilled engineers. We are advancing the development of a highly convenient security system that employs smartphones, as well as a platform for the digitization of security services that is scheduled for launch in the PRC and in Southeast Asia.

In Thailand, we are analyzing accumulated customer data to formulate optimal proposals, thereby improving the effectiveness of sales activities. This is not only helping boost customer satisfaction, but also contributing to sales in that country. In addition, we have kicked off an advertising and publicity campaign, featuring television, web and outdoor advertisements, to bolster recognition of the SECOM brand, an initiative that had led to a steady increase in subscriptions.

In another initiative, we have established a business development project team with the objective of building a foundation for new growth and leveraging synergies by promoting business alliances and M&As over the medium to long term to expedite the expansion of our overseas operations. In May 2023, we made investments by way of a third-party allotment in cloud-based physical security services providers Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo, which extend solutions primarily in North America. These two companies are the U.S. leaders in VSaaS*1 and ACaaS,*2 two growing areas of the security services market. We look forward to leveraging the advanced technologies and unique solutions of both companies to drive the evolution of our services and systems.

By further popularizing our distinctively SECOM security services in the countries and territories in which we operate, and by capitalizing on opportunities in new geographic and business areas, we will also seek to establish ANSHIN as a universally recognized term synonymous with peace of mind.

  • *1 VSaaS enables users to access, manage and analyze video surveillance information in the cloud.
  • *2 ACaaS enables users to control and manage on-premises access control devices in the cloud.