Coexistence with Local Communities

Initiatives for Cultivating the Next Generation

Support for cultivating the next generation


SECOM offers internship opportunities in order to provide practical experience to the undergraduate and graduate students who will take responsibility in the next generation. This experience will deepen their understanding of SECOM and working in society.

Students analyzing data at the SECOM Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Work experience theme park “Kandu”

Since April 2019, we co-sponsor the Kandu work experience theme park, operated by AEON MALL KIDSDREAM, LLC. At the “SECOM Security Center” booth, children can experience SECOM’s work.

The SECOM Security Center aims to provide activities that make full use of the latest security systems, and give children a sense of accomplishment and joy by delivering safety and peace of mind to society through work experience.

Work experience theme park Kandu

Other support activities and sponsorship

World Children’s Baseball Foundation

The World Children’s Baseball Foundation (WCBF) was established with the mission of contributing to the diffusion and growth of baseball played the right way and spreading international goodwill and friendship among children throughout the world. SECOM agrees with this mission and supports its activities. The WCBF Chairman is Sadaharu Oh, who was one of the most prominent baseball players in Japan. The WCBF holds international youth baseball tournaments in Japan, the U.S., and other countries. It also promotes numerous other programs such as youth baseball camps held throughout Japan.

KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival

Started in 1992, KINEKO is Japan’s only international film festival for children. KINEKO conveys international culture, dreams, aspirations, and meaningful messages to a countless number of children.

In addition to film screenings, KINEKO features events such as live screenings with real-time voiceovers performed by voiceover artists and workshops where children can try voiceovers themselves. These events provide opportunities to become familiar with films and to nurture dreams. Since 2005, SECOM has sponsored KINEKO and assisted in festival operation.

Kids Design Association (KDA)

The Kids Design Association (KDA) performs a variety of research studies such as collecting and analyzing information on accidents suffered by children at homes, in their neighborhood, and other locations in daily life through partnerships and cooperation with parental guardians, hospitals, corporations, local governments, and the national government. The association utilizes research results to spread and promote product and content design from the perspective of children. SECOM supports KDA as an executive corporation.

In 2007, KDA established the Kids Design Award in cooperation with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). This award recognizes products and initiatives featuring outstanding design by kids.