Being as a premium security provider

security services

We provide a full range of physical
security services for your safety and
peace of mind

security system

We make the difference by security systems. We have cutting-edge technologies as well as human resources.

Main Services

SECOM delivers a variety of
services around the world.

  • Online security
    system for
    commercial use

  • Online security
    system for
    residential use

  • Fire monitoring

  • Access

  • Static guard

  • Maintenance

  • Security
    & consulting

  • AED


Our corporate strengths lie in human resources and R&D.
We aim to provide you a safer life with a fusion
of technology and manpower.

SECOM places the highest priority on human resources. This is because our services are provided through our people and are based on the trust of our customers. With the belief that it is important to incorporate a wide array of human resources and values in order to create additional value, we are also working to promote diversity.

As Japan's No. 1 security company, we* create innovative services that are ahead of our time. We have created new security products, including Japan's first security systems for both corporate and home use, security robots, and many others. With R&D centers in Japan, Thailand, and China, we promote the development and introduction of services that meet the needs of the times while incorporating cutting-edge technologies. *We are the No. 1 provider of online security services for individuals and corporations in Japan, with approximately 2.52 million online security subscriptions. (as of March 2023)


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