Coexistence with Local Communities

Contributing to Local Communities

Collaborations with local governments and corporations

We believe that one of our important missions is to contribute to the creation of employment opportunities and the development of local communities. SECOM seeks to solve social issues by collaborating with partners such as the national government, local governments, corporations, NGOs, and NPOs.

Collaborations with local governments

Agreement with Shibuya Ward

In August 2016, SECOM executed the “Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement” with Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, the location of our head office. The agreement establishes a partnership for solving a variety of social issues such as disaster preparedness.

SECOM and Shibuya Ward cooperate in a wide range of endeavors such as support for urban development with a high level of disaster prevention, health promotion for a super-aged society, and activities for raising awareness of a diverse society. SECOM cooperates with the community to create an even more appealing ward for all of those who are living, working, and enjoying entertainment in Shibuya.

Main activities

  • Participating in SHIBUYA BOSAI FES
    SECOM actively cooperates with local disaster-prevention events organized by Shibuya Ward. Since 2016, we have sponsored SHIBUYA BOSAI FES, a comprehensive disaster-prevention event in Shibuya Ward, and operated a booth, thus contributing to raising awareness for disaster-preparedness in the community. After shifting to online events, we cooperate with the YouTube program "Shibuya Disaster Prevention Caravan."
  • Concluded an AED installation agreement with Shibuya Ward and SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN
    SECOM concluded an agreement with Shibuya Ward and SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN CO., LTD., also a Shibuya Social Action Partner, for promoting creation of a safe and secure society through the installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in convenience stores. With this agreement, we introduced the SECOM AED On-line Package Service at a total of 67 7-ELEVEN stores in Shibuya Ward in April 2020 and provided workshops on AED use to store staff. This service enables the use of AEDs at any time during 7-ELEVEN store hours, making it possible to speedily administer life-saving aid.
Concluded an AED installation agreement with Shibuya Ward and SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN
A sticker with a logo indicates stores with AEDs

Agreement with Toshima Ward

In June 2018, SECOM completed an agreement with Toshima Ward, Tokyo on safe and secure urban development by the community. Since then, we have installed AEDs in many FamilyMart convenient stores within the ward.

Toshima Ward is home to Ikebukuro Station, one of Japan’s largest terminal stations. It is predicted that even more people will gather in Toshima Ward in the future, a possibility that creates the need for urban development for an even more secure lifestyle.

SECOM cooperates in the “safe and secure urban development” project undertaken by Toshima Ward. We support community crime-prevention activities and disaster-prevention training, as well as promote first response at events.

Agreement with Sapporo City

In June 2018, the Hokkaido Regional Headquarters of SECOM and Sapporo City executed a “consumer lifestyle supporter” memorandum.

This is a system that corporations, organizations, and individuals register as supporters who cooperate with Sapporo City to conduct monitoring activities and awareness-raising activities aimed at early detection and advance preparation of unscrupulous business practices that target the elderly and people with disabilities. Our Hokkaido Regional Headquarters was registered as the first official supporter in the security industry and promotes these activities.

In order to prevent consumers from being victimized, SECOM works to raise awareness through employees’ education and distributing of leaflets to customers.

SECOM cooperates in the “consumer lifestyle supporter” system of Sapporo City

Collaborations with corporations and foundations

Mutual agreement for cooperation in the event of disasters with AEON

In November 2018, SECOM signed a mutual agreement with AEON Co., Ltd. for cooperation in the event of disasters.

By signing this agreement with AEON, which has been approved as a designated public institution* by the Cabinet Office, we have established a system that can quickly collect information on the affected areas in the event of a disaster, and respond quickly to provide recovery and reconstruction. In this way, the agreement allows us to contribute further to local communities.

Designated public institution: An organization designated under the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act that carries out rapid restoration of lifeline services and transportation of relief supplies, etc., in response to a request from the government in the event of a disaster.

Agreement with the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center

In February 2019, SECOM and SECOM Medical System Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center (NCVC) to improve health and medical services.

On April 1, 2019, the NCVC began operations of the Open Innovation Center (OIC), a joint research center to promote the development of cutting-edge medicine and medical technology through collaboration between industry and academia.

The agreement is related to the joint research and system construction at the OIC and aims to make the center a leader globally and domestically. We are working to build a regional medical cooperation model that provides total support for people’s health.

Community interaction by the rugby team “SECOM Rugguts”

Holding rugby clinics

As part of activities to support reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the SECOM rugby team “SECOM Rugguts” has held a “rugby clinic” in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture since 2011. The clinic aims to encourage children living in the Tohoku region.

The rugby clinic conveys the enjoyment of rugby and provides a teamwork experience to children in a wide range of age groups from elementary school to high school.

In their home ground in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, the SECOM Rugguts conduct a variety of activities to deepen bonds with local residents. For example, the team organizes the “Rugguts Day” event, where local residents can learn about the SECOM Rugguts and experience rugby. The team also holds tag rugby classes and participates in events held by Sayama City.

Rugby clinics held in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Activities for preventing cybercrime

Joint countermeasures with the Metropolitan Police Department

In June 2013, Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd. executed an agreement for joint countermeasures against cybercrime with the Metropolitan Police Department. The agreement defines mutual cooperation in operations such as identifying cybercrime and preventing damage. Per the agreement, Secom Trust Systems is working to ensure early ascertainment for the status of damage caused by cybercrime and to prevent damage from spreading.

Cybercrime is increasing in sophistication and complexity, and is difficult to notice when damage has occurred. Moreover, even if damage is recognized, expert knowledge and skills are necessary to assess the status of damage, which hinders reports to the police and identification of incidents as crime. All these factors interfere with the prevention of cybercrime.

As well as identifying the existence of cybercrime damage at customers, Secom Trust Systems provides support for preventing the expansion of damage and fast recovery of business activities, and business services which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to help strengthen security measures for preventing cybercrime damage.

Cooperation with the Japan Cybercrime Control Center

SECOM cooperates with the Japan Cybercrime Control Center (JC3), a non-profit corporation dedicated to resolving threats in cyberspace.

The Japan Cybercrime Control Center accumulates and shares experiences with industry, academia, and government in resolving threats in cyberspace and serves as a new cooperative framework for more effective exercising of investigation rights by the police, as well as enabling pre-emptive/comprehensive response to threats.