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Revenue and Income

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Consolidated revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, increased by 5.3% to ¥928.0 billion, due to the revenue increases in the security services, medical services, insurance services, information and communication related services and real estate and other services segments.


Costs of revenue increased by 5.9% to ¥621.4 billion, equivalent to 67.0% of revenue, up from 66.6% in the previous fiscal year. Selling, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses increased by 5.9% to ¥175.6 billion. SG&A expenses were equivalent to 18.9% of revenue, up from 18.8% in the previous fiscal year. As a consequence, operating profit increased by 1.9% to ¥131.0 billion.


Non-operating income increased by 96.6% or ¥10.9 billion, mainly due to the increase in net gains on private equity investment in the U.S. etc. Ordinary profit increased by 9.1% to ¥147.0 billion.


Income before income taxes went up by 16.8% to ¥141.8 billion, mainly due to the recognition of impairment loss on fixed assets of ¥11.5 billion in extraordinary losses.


Total income taxes (the total of income taxes - current and income taxes - deferred) were ¥45.6 billion, up 18.3% or ¥7.0 billion, comparing to the previous fiscal year. Total income taxes were equivalent to 32.2% of income before income taxes, up from 31.8% in the previous fiscal year. Net income attributable to noncontrolling interests totaled ¥11.9 billion, increased by 108.6% or ¥6.2 billion. As a result, net income attributable to owners of the parent increased by 9.3% to ¥84.1 billion, equivalent to 9.1% of revenue, up from 8.7% in the previous fiscal year.