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Revenue and Income


Consolidated revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, increased by 4.9% to 1,101.3 billion yen compared with the previous fiscal year, mainly owing to the contribution of Senon Ltd., which became a consolidated subsidiary in July.


Costs of revenue increased by 6.6% to 758.8 billion yen, equivalent to 68.9% of revenue, up from 67.8% in the previous fiscal year. Selling, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses increased by 6.0% to 205.7 billion yen, equivalent to 18.7 % of revenue, up from 18.5% in the previous fiscal year. As a consequence, operating profit decreased by 4.7% to 136.7 billion yen.


Ordinary profit increased by 1.9% to 156.1 billion yen, owing to the increase in non-operating profit by 55.7% or 8.3 billion yen, mainly due to the increase in net gains on private equity investment in the U.S. etc., and the decrease in non-operating expenses by 26.2% or 1.3 billion yen.


Total income taxes were 47.2 billion yen, up 2.1% or 0.9 billion yen, equivalent to 30.8% of income before income taxes, up from 30.4% in the previous fiscal year. Net income attributable to noncontrolling interests totaled 10.0 billion yen, decreased by 12.5% or 1.4 billion yen. As a result, net income attributable to owners of the parent increased by 1.9% to 96.0 billion yen, equivalent to 8.7% of revenue, down from 9.0% in the previous fiscal year.