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SECOM's Vision

Realizing the Social System Industry

In line with our goal of helping to achieve a society free from concerns, we continue to push ahead with efforts to realize our Social System Industry vision. This vision describes a framework of innovative and integrated services and systems that deliver safety, peace of mind, comfort and convenience.

Having built a broad business portfolio, we continue to apply our corporate philosophy to hasten realization of the Social System Industry. This philosophy emphasizes a refusal to be content with the status quo and a commitment to doing what is appropriate. The first element expresses our determination to extend novel services and systems by challenging accepted norms, while the second means judging the legitimacy of our actions by examining whether they are just, fair and beneficial not only to SECOM but to society as a whole.

Our efforts to act in accordance with our corporate philosophy, which guides all aspects of our conduct, have nurtured a "uniquely SECOM identity," a corporate principle that remains a major driving force behind our growth and evolution.

To accelerate the realization of our Social System Industry, we have formulated the SECOM Group's Vision for 2030, a long-term roadmap. In line with this vision, we will step up efforts between now and 2030 to respond to social imperatives, acting boldly and with a firm sense of our uniquely SECOM identity, to broaden our operations, thereby positioning us to capitalize on new potential.

The SECOM Group's Vision for 2030

In May 2017, SECOM formulated the SECOM Group's Vision for 2030, a long-term roadmap for the SECOM Group between now and 2030.

SECOM continues to push ahead with efforts to realize our Social System Industry vision. Operating in an environment characterized by drastic change and increasing uncertainty, we have formulated the vision, targeted for 2030, which further defines our direction going forward with the aim of building pride amongst our employees, inspiring trust amongst our customers and instilling awareness of our potential amongst all of our stakeholders.

The ANSHIN Platform is a service platform anchored in the relationship of trust that SECOM has cultivated with society. Created in collaboration with our partners who share SECOM's philosophy, this platform is designed to provide peace of mind to people in their everyday lives, as well as to society as a whole.

SECOM will capitalize on the ANSHIN Platform to provide seamless services tailored to individuals.

Please refer to the “SECOM Group's Vision for 2030” (PDF) below for detailed information.

The SECOM brand & about the Company name

The original Company name was Nihon Keibi Hosho Kabushiki Kaisha

On July 7, 1962, Japan's first security services company was established under the name Nihon Keibi Hosho Kabushiki Kaisha. The Company began by offering guard patrol services and static guard services.

The name Nihon Keibi Hosho combines "Nihon," i.e., "Japan" —because it was the first such company in the country—with "keibi," or "security," and "hosho," meaning "security" and incorporating the nuance of "guarantee," which is pronounced the same way. "Keibi hosho," invented by SECOM's predecessor, has since become an accepted term in Japanese.

In 1964, Nihon Keibi Hosho secured the contract to guard the athletes' village at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This success inspired a hit 1965 television drama called The Guardman. These two successes greatly enhanced public recognition of the Nihon Keibi Hosho name. In 1966, the Company developed and marketed Japan's first on-line commercial security system. In subsequent years, the Company promoted efforts to build up a nationwide network while at the same time actively marketing the system to companies across Japan.

1973: Establishing the SECOM Brand

With on-line security services beginning to catch on as a concept in Japan, in February 1973 Nihon Keibi Hosho launched the SECOM brand. One result of this was that people began to refer to the Company simply as "SECOM."

The name SECOM was coined as a contraction of "security + communication." The concept behind the SECOM brand was to create a "revolutionary security system that brings people and science together." Capitalizing on its nationwide network, the Company worked to broaden acceptance of on-line security systems and developed a steady stream of attractive security services.

1983: Becoming SECOM

In the decade following the launch of the SECOM brand, Nihon Keibi Hosho essentially rebranded itself as SECOM, using the name for both itself and its service brand as it sought to expand both the scope and scale of its operations. In 1975, the Company introduced the world's first computerized security system (CSS), following in 1981 with the launch of Japan's first home security system. After 10 years of calling itself SECOM, in December 1983, the Company officially changed its name to SECOM Co., Ltd.

As the world entered the information age, in 1989, SECOM introduced a new corporate vision, the Social System Industry, which describes the creation of an integrated framework of products and services that heighten convenience and deliver peace of mind, and began taking decisive steps toward its realization.