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The SECOM Group’s Vision for 2030

In May of 2017, SECOM formulated the SECOM Group’s Vision for 2030, a long-term roadmap for the SECOM Group between now and 2030.
SECOM continues to push ahead with efforts to realize its “Social System Industry” vision.
The "Social System Industry" creates services and systems by which people can live in society safer, more securely, more comfortably, and more conveniently. It integrates and fuses these services and systems, providing them as new social systems that are indispensable to society.
Operating in an environment characterized by drastic change and increasing uncertainty, we have formulated a vision for 2030, which further defines our direction going forward with the aim of building pride amongst our employees, inspiring trust amongst our customers, and instilling awareness of our potential amongst all of our stakeholders.

The ANSHIN Platform is a service platform anchored in the relationship of trust that SECOM has cultivated with society. Created in collaboration with our partners who share SECOM’s philosophy, this platform is designed to provide peace of mind to people in their everyday lives as well as to society as a whole.

SECOM will capitalize on the ANSHIN Platform to provide seamless services tailored to individuals.

Please refer to the “SECOM Group’s Vision for 2030” (PDF) below for detailed information.