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The Constitutions of SECOM Group in Business and Management

Founder Makoto Iida himself authored “The Constitutions of SECOM Group” in July 1992, in the year when SECOM Group celebrated its 30th anniversary. It was written as a guidance for SECOM Group employees and considered a part of SECOM's fundamental philosophies.

The Constitutions of SECOM Group in Business

This year (1992), we have approached the 30th Anniversary. During these thirty years, we started from nothing, built on vast experiences, retained and emphasized human resources, grew the business, earned the trust from society, and prepared the infrastructure for future growth.
We will try to realize the Social System Industry based on this infrastructure, but what is important here are the fundamental policies in creating various businesses.
Businesses and corporations are evaluated in many ways, varying from person to person. For example, “profitable”, “high asset value”, “very famous”, “very large”, “a lot of talented staff”, and “a lot of valuable contributions”, are just a few. Good corporations usually have various fine aspects in their businesses, but it is important to think how SECOM should be evaluated in twenty years, thirty years, or fifty years from now. To me, I prefer to say that SECOM has to make “a lot of valuable contributions”, even in the generations to come.
Therefore, when deciding a new business, it is most important to follow SECOM’s fundamental philosophy which is “to pursue values and contributions to the society”. We should never deviate from this policy.

  • SECOM shall provide systemized services that create value and peace of mind to society, one that exists for a better society. SECOM shall never participate in businesses that deviate from this policy. Any businesses that may achieve this objective but still create harm to society even indirectly should be avoided.
    Nevertheless, those activities that support SECOM’s ongoing businesses, those that support human resource development, and those that bring new knowledge should be actively pursued.
  • The services that SECOM provides to the society should be revolutionary, the best, and based on sophisticated technology.
  • There should be a decision that the new business is more suitable for SECOM and irrelevant for other organizations. This is because the society is better off if the business is more suitable for other organizations.
  • In a changing world, there will always be a need for a new service in the society. SECOM will continuously monitor such changes in society. SECOM will herald the needs of society actively, not passively, and will be responsible to prepare and implement new services and businesses accordingly. Since it is a new social service, it is easy to speculate resistance from social traditions, and face vast legal challenges. However, that is the exact reason why it is such a valuable business which is best suitable for SECOM. We should not give up half way, and challenge ourselves continuously to realize the business. This is what is called courage of SECOM.
  • We should pursue chosen businesses with total concurrence and there should never be any compromise. We should never compromise and look for easy business partnerships that merely reduce our hardship.

The Constitutions of SECOM Group and the Social System Industry vision

In order to prosper in the future by means of realizing the Social System Industry vision, and creating an innovative corporate culture that always remains pure, the following policies have been set. These policies are based on lessons learned from our past experiences and I strongly believe that they must be fully recognized as a solid foundation of SECOM’s philosophies.

Ten Fundamental Management Policies

  • SECOM will always contribute to society through its businesses.
    Therefore SECOM must be an entity that is a necessity in society. It is needless to say that SECOM must never compromise the values of society, and never do businesses that do not create value for the society. All of our activities therefore must never confront the values of society.
  • SECOM will have the duty and responsibility to always find and create new businesses that provide value to the society.
    In order to find and create such businesses, SECOM must always fix its eyes on social phenomenon, the direction of social values, and must be sensitive to these issues. SECOM must pursue challenging opportunities, and have an energetic spirit to overcome whatever challenges that it may confront, for the ultimate realization of revolutionary changes.
  • We will never receive or take any profit that is not earned from our own efforts and hardship.
  • The society is a formation of people. SECOM’s organization is also a formation of individuals. It is needless to say that what is most important is that all employees are always full of life and spending a meaningful one. Whether within the organization or not, we must always give human dignity the highest respect.
  • SECOM will never disrespect other companies or organizations.
    This is the same with competitors. We should compete fairly, which is always the SECOM way.
  • All of our decisions will always be “justifiable” and “fair”.
  • SECOM will always be innovative.
    This is why we will always have the spirit to challenge for changes and have the courage to deny traditional practices.
  • SECOM will always respect good manners.
  • SECOM will never be influenced by tradition or tides of the time, but rather make own judgments based on its fundamental philosophies and beliefs.
  • Employees of SECOM shall never take undue advantage of their titles or duties.