Management Philosophy

Who we are

SECOM’s (Ten) Principles

SECOM’s Mission Statement was first introduced in December 1983. This Mission Statement is based on all the fundamental philosophies which have been with the organization since SECOM was founded in 1962. Its goal is for future development of SECOM Group and to guide all employees for self enhancement.

  • SECOM will commit to innovate and develop the culture of Security.
  • SECOM will always be modern and revolutionary.
  • SECOM will continuously change itself, and every employee shall contribute to this movement.
  • SECOM will promote to be focused, and make it a habit to take action as fast as possible.
  • SECOM will have tenacious determination and emphasize clear systematical concepts.
  • SECOM will never compromise, and always seek dignity.
  • SECOM will deliver the highest level of security.
  • SECOM will be devoted to deliver peace of mind to its customers.
  • SECOM will recognize professionalism as true value.
  • SECOM will accept opportunities as challenge.