Endless pursuit of safety and peace of mind.SECOM's 60-year history of
pioneering security services in Japan


Endless pursuit of safety and peace of mind.SECOM's 60-year history of pioneering security services in Japan

Since its founding as Japan's first security services company, SECOM has continued to expand its business domain ahead of the needs of the times. This section introduces SECOM's 60-year history of seeking veritable "safety and peace of mind."

Established as Japan's first security
services company

On July 7, 1962, founders Makoto Iida and Juichi Toda established Japan's first security services company, "Security Patrol Co. Ltd." (Currently SECOM CO., LTD.)

Founders Makoto Iida (right) and Juichi Toda (left)

In 1964 : Leaped forward via providing security services
for the Tokyo Olympic games

SECOM was in charge of security for the athletes' village and other areas of the Tokyo Olympic games. This was a great opportunity for SECOM to gain a high reputation and trust from the society and to make an enormous stride forward.

Responsible for security of the Tokyo Olympic games

Continuously evolving
"safety and peace of mind"

SECOM has created many innovative services and products in line with its mission of "realizing a society free of all kinds of anxieties." We have steadily built up the trust of society.

In 1966 : Developed Japan's first online security system
for commercial use

With a desire to deliver "safety and peace of mind" to the world, the company developed "SP Alarm," Japan's first online security system for commercial use. "SP" is an abbreviation for “Security Patrol,” a system of sensors installed on the building and remotely monitored 24/7 by SECOM via communication lines. SECOM created a new service model in which emergency response personnel were on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

"SP Alarm," Japan's first online security system

"Shasho Wo Mamoru Kai" which was the meeting held for protecting value
for the company’s emblem, created SECOM’s philosophies

In 1967, the "Shasho Wo Mamoru Kai" was formed based on the idea that everyone in the organization should share the identical idea and mission for the further development of the organization in the future. At the "Shasho Wo Mamoru Kai" the founders and their colleagues gathered to engage in heated discussions about how the organization should be. This was the beginning for the company to become much stronger, leading to the birth of SECOM's culture. Since then, it has been passed down from generation to generation and has now permeated the company as "SECOM Philosophies".


1981 : Developed Japan's first online security
system for residential use

Based on the concept that "the security SECOM provides should be available to everyone," we developed "My Alarm," an online security system that is specifically designed for households.

"My Alarm," Japan's first online security system
for residential use

In 1982 : Released Japan's first panic button system which ensured to be responsive to any sudden illness

With the spread of the home security system, My Alarm, the number of sudden illness calls by elderly customers has increased. To meet the needs, we developed "My Doctor", a pendant-type device that can be squeezed in times of sudden illness. This enabled SECOM to provide better services for safety and peace of mind that were demanded by the residential market.

Japan's first panic button system, "My Doctor"

In 1983 : Renamed as SECOM CO., LTD.

The company name was changed from "Nihon Keibi Hosho Co., Ltd." to "SECOM CO., LTD." to unify the brand name "SECOM", which stands for "Security Communication", a concept formulated in 1973 to create a new security system based on the combination of manpower and technology. With the new company name, we have taken a new step forward.

In 2001 : Released Japan's first location information-based system to protect people and objects moving outdoors.

The social issues of child abductions and senior citizens’ dementia wandering prompted the development of Japan's first location information based system, "COCO-SECOM," which, in addition to providing location information, also includes an emergency notification service. This groundbreaking service, the first of its kind in Japan, combined with SECOM's strengths in on-site dispatch services, expanded the scope of security services from protecting not only "immobile objects," such as corporations and homes, but also "moving objects," such as people and vehicles.

COCO-SECOM, Japan's first location
information based system

Unchanging peace of mind in an ever-changing society

In May 2017, SECOM published the "SECOM Group 2030 Vision," which aims to realize the "Anshin Platform" concept of providing "full-scale security anytime, anywhere, for anyone". In today's greatly changing external environment and increasing uncertainty, SECOM has provided a concrete vision and clarified a clearer direction to which the SECOM Group should move forward. SECOM’s goal is to provide unchanging peace of mind in an ever-changing society.


Creating a new form of security that keeps pace with the times

Security has evolved along with recent advances in digital technology. SECOM is continuously developing and providing services that make use of cutting-edge technologies as well as services that make life more enjoyable and comfortable.

SECOM Home Security

"SECOM Home Security" also meets the growing need to watch over the elderly in Japan's super-aged society. The system allows users to keep an eye on their parents' lives based on sensor information installed in their homes via SECOM's smartphone application.

SECOM is constantly striving to expand the value of Home Security by incorporating cutting-edge technologies, such as providing an app that allows users to operate Home Security and unlock their front door by an "Apple Watch" or "iPhone".

No. 1 in Japan's security industry in terms of number of contracts

System security "AZ"

An all-in-one corporate security service that provides everything from risk management, such as crime and disaster prevention, to business efficiency through employee work management. It features a wide variety of functions, such as the ability to check security status and operate the system even when away from the office using a dedicated smartphone application. Surveillance camera images are managed in the cloud, and live images, as well as recorded images when setting and unlocking security and when sensors are detected, can be viewed in high-resolution.

Corporate security services for safety and convenience

Virtual KEIBI System

Launched in January 2021, this is the world's first security system in which AI-powered virtual characters, or "virtual security guards" provide security services.

A "virtual security guard" displayed as a 3D character on a mirror display, blending in with the surrounding environment, provides vigilance monitoring and reception duties. In addition, skilled security guards provide services such as emergency response.

Responding to security needs in an era of manpower shortages, SECOM offers a wide range of advanced security guard services that enhance security level while improving staffing efficiency and reducing costs.

A "virtual security guard" displayed as
a 3D character on a mirror display


Launched in January 2021, "cocobo" is a security robot that utilizes AI, 5G, and other technologies to perform patrols and inspections on behalf of security guards.

The system is equipped with the "sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch" and "judgment" of security guards who are responsible for ensuring the safety of commercial facilities and office buildings, and works with security guards to improve the efficiency and quality of a wide range of operations.

Developed and designed based on the concept of
"dignity and friendliness" and
"harmony with public space"

Responsible for security for "Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

SECOM was in charge of venue security as an official partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Security Services & Planning), contributing to the safe operation of the Games.


As Japan's No. 1 security services company, SECOM has been running for 60 years, creating services that are ahead of the time and providing trusted peace of mind to society. SECOM will continue to provide "safety and peace of mind" around the world, leveraging our accumulated know-how, human resources, technological capabilities, and the trust you have placed on us.

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