SECOM's Cutting-Edge Technology
Revolutionizing Security with
Robotics and Virtual Reality


SECOM's Cutting-Edge Technology
Revolutionizing Security with
Robotics and Virtual Reality

In December 2019, SECOM launched "SECOM DESIGN FACTORY," a collaborative project brand that aims to create new value through challenge and experimental collaboration. SECOM and its partners are challenging to create new value for customers and society through these collaborative projects, aiming at creating innovative and creative services.
The "Virtual KEIBI System" and "cocobo," which were launched in January 2022, are resulted from the project. Using state-of-the-art technology, these systems could perform security, inspection, reception, and other tasks on behalf of people.
We will provide "safety and peace of mind" to more and more customers via high-quality security services that combine manpower and technologies.

Virtual KEIBI System

The "Virtual KEIBI System" is the world's first* service in which a 3D character displayed on a mirror display could perform security monitoring and reception. We developed this system in collaboration with three major Japanese companies. In 2021, it won the METI Minister Award at the “Japan Open Innovation Prize,” which are honored by the Cabinet Office of Japan to pioneering or creative initiatives that serve as role models for open innovation.

*As of April 2019 (based on SECOM research)

What Virtual KEIBI System can do

(1) Advanced alarm monitoring utilizing AI technology

By projecting a 3D character of a security guard onto a mirror display that reflects the real space, a sense of reality and three-dimensionality of the character are created. In addition, the 3D character can detect human traffic using cameras, motion sensors, and AI technology, and is expected to have effect on crime prevention by eye contacting with and speaking to people.

(2) Natural and friendly receptionist service

When a visitor speaks to the 3D character, the AI recognizes the voice and performs reception autonomously based on pre-defined scenarios. The 3D character can respond flexibly by bending over to match the height of the visitor, changing facial expression and voice according to the content of the conversation, and displaying maps and other images necessary for guidance. Fever detection and facial recognition are also available (Optional).

(3) Meticulous coordination with security guards

Video and audio from the virtual guard will be transmitted in real time to a monitoring console in the facility. In addition, in case it is difficult for the "virtual security guard" to respond autonomously or a detailed response is required, the security guard can respond from a remote location, and, in the event of an emergency, will quickly rush to the site, responding appropriately. The combination of the unique capabilities of "virtual security guard" and skilled security guards provides efficient security reinforcement.


"cocobo" is a security robot that provides a variety of services such as patrols and inspections, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI and 5G.
Equipped with the sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch, as well as the judgment capability of security guards, cocobo could collaborate with security guards to ensure the safety of commercial facilities and office buildings, while improving the efficiency and quality of a wide range of operations. The refined design was achieved through collaboration with partners who share SECOM's aspirations.
In June 2022, cocobo started its service at Narita International Airport, the gateway to Japan's sky. It is expected to be used at various facilities in the future.

(1) To patrol on behalf ofsecurity guards

cocobo travels autonomously along a pre-set patrol route, avoiding people and obstacles. In addition to being integrated with elevators and capable of patrolling areas with multiple floors, the waterproof feature allows it to patrol outdoors regardless of weather conditions. When the patrol is completed, it automatically returns to the charging dock.

(2) To cooperate with security guards in the event of an emergency

AI analyzes the images captured by the camera in real time. If a suspicious object, a suspicious person, a fallen person, a person left behind, or fire is detected, cocobo will notify the disaster prevention center and respond in cooperation with security guards. It can also conduct voice and light warnings, as well as smoke intimidating functions, in case a suspicious person is detected.

(3) To perform inspection work using an arm and multiple attachments

The attachment of the arm can be replaced according to usage. Inspections could be performed at the pre-set spots along the patrol route. Attachments with infrared sensors and visible cameras can be used to detect hazardous materials in trash cans and vending machines. Hand attachments can be used to open and close doors and check locks of doors (under development).

The Virtual KEIBI System and cocobo will not only improve the level of security by amplifying the power of people with the latest technology but also improve the efficiency of staffing, reducing costs. This is a service unique to SECOM, which could only be conceived via SECOM’s open innovation with external partners, aiming for the speedy realization of service diversification. Going forward, SECOM will continue to create new value for society through ongoing technological innovation while fully utilizing the expertise we have built up over the years.

(Note) Both the Virtual KEIBI System and cocobo are available only in Japan (as of July, 2022).

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