Highly evaluated SECOM Brand
and SECOM Smart Security
around the world


Highly evaluated SECOM Brand
and SECOM Smart Security
around the world

SECOM Smart Security, released firstly in Thailand at the end of 2020, is a security service designed for small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. We interviewed our customers how SECOM Smart Security has changed their lives. We also talked with an employee of Thai Secom, one of SECOM’s group companies in Thailand, about its customers’ feedbacks in Thailand as well as its future prospects regarding this service.

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SECOM Smart Security is an integrated security service that can provide alarm systems, surveillance cameras, access control, air conditioner control, lighting control, and more with application user interfaces of PC and smartphone. Similar to the online security systems provided in Japan, this service was launched firstly in Thailand at the end of 2020 with the aim of proposing a new way of security for small and medium size stores and homes, while leveraging the strengths of SECOM's unique 24/7 monitoring service.
Currently, in addition to actively utilizing digital marketing, Thai Secom is working to further improve service quality by introducing a new customer management system and operation system.

"Peace of Mind" at
a Locally Loved Café secured by SECOM

Mr.K.Songyuth Lerdpothawattana
Junction Café’s Owner


SECOM's top level quality service and professionalism which I felt while using SECOM Smart Security.

My coffee shop has become a local favorite. Because it is such a beloved place, I decided to have SECOM Smart Security protect the safety of my shop and staff. I chose SECOM Smart Security because I knew that SECOM is a professional security company that provides security systems at a higher standard. When I traveled to Japan, I saw the SECOM brand name no matter where I went, such as in offices, tall buildings, banks, etc., so I was relatively familiar with SECOM brand with a “sense of ease.”
After installing SECOM Smart Security, I am feeling safer and more comfortable than before. My shop is protected by SECOM control center and its professionals that monitor abnormities 24/7. One day, my smartphone received a notification from SECOM control center, saying it had detected that a door of my shop was left open while it was supposed to be locked. Although I was not able to notice the notification at the time, a phone call from SECOM informed me, "We have received an abnormal signal here. Is there anything wrong with your shop?” I rushed to check the shop and informed SECOM that I had just left the door open by mistake and that there was nothing wrong with my shop. At that moment, I was impressed by the top-quality security that SECOM provides even to the customers who run small stores like mine, and I felt I would surely trust their professionalism even more.

Dramatic improvement in efficiency of business through
the use of apps - SECOM Smart Security is a service
that I would recommend to others

SECOM Smart Security provides not only security cameras, but also sensors and automation functions. All devices and functions are combined conveniently in one application. You can watch live video through the app and choose to save the videos. When there is a video you want to check, you can select the part you want to watch without having to play the recorded video from the beginning. This function is very user friendly.

Before utilizing SECOM Smart Security, I was skeptical whether SECOM would pay enough attention to a small store like mine. However, when I actually consulted SECOM, they made detailed planning for me to use SECOM Smart Security, and I was impressed even from day one.
I think the subscription fee is commensurate with the excellent service and system. The SECOM Smart Security app is easy to use and allows me to check the status of my shop anytime, anywhere.
I trust SECOM. If I open another new cafe, I will definitely choose SECOM. I would recommend SECOM Smart Security to all my friends.

SECOM Smart Security is
a top-quality service that
will renovate security service in Thailand.

Ms.Porntip Kittayangkul
Smart Business Department

How SECOM Smart Security is perceived by the customers.

Many of our customers have commented that SECOM Smart Security is an innovative system that has never been seen before. Customers can control their systems through an app, so they can use their smartphones to keep an eye on their children and elderly people even when they are away from home for work or other errands. Some customers use the 24-hour monitoring service to remotely check the safety of their homes while they are on trips. The app is connected to the whole system, including cameras, sensors, and automation functions, so customers can easily control any device with the app. Another reason the customers choose SECOM is that if there should something wrong with a device, SECOM can promptly provide maintenance to try fixing it.

I hope more people could know and try SECOM Smart Security.

SECOM Smart Security is one of the best security services in Thailand. Unlike ordinary security cameras, SECOM Smart Security notifies you in real time by the 24-hour operating control center in the event of an emergency, and the app also notifies you of information such as the opening and closing of doors and the detection of sensors, which can enhance the efficiency of security management for the customers. More and more people in Thailand are showing interest in this service. On the other hand, there are still people who are not aware of the necessity of using a residential security service. I believe that installing security system in a residence brings peace of mind for sure. I would like to further promote SECOM's efficient security systems to more people in Thailand.

SECOM Smart Security is available in the following regions in addition to Thailand.

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