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SECOM Home Security Service runs 24/7,
and is ready to go into action at a moment's notice.
As a pioneer and leader in the field, we offer the best quality protection for your home.

Basic Services

  • Detect intruders

  • Detect fire

  • Alert with emergency button

Option Service

  • Gas leak monitoring service

    If there is a gas leak in your home, an abnormality signal is sent to SECOM which will then dispatch emergency response personnel to check in personrush to the scene.

  • Emergency call service

    In case of sudden illness, etc. user can send
    emergency signal by squeezing wearable device.

  • Safety Mimamori service

    If no movement is detected for a certain period of time, an abnormality signal is sent to SECOM. The service also has a convenient function that allows you to watch over your parents using an application.

Other Service


    Equipped with a location information system using GPS and cell phone base stations.

  • SECOM Home
    Camera System

    A home security camera system integrating a sensor, camera,
    and light.

  • Home Pythagoras

    A fireproof and vandal-resistant safe that is difficult to pry open.

  • Secom Anshin
    My Home

    Fire insurance for homeowners associated with home security discounts.



Security AZ

Security can be easily armed or disarmed with a smartphone, and
the status of the facility can be checked with images in real time.
The system can be installed in any facilities, contributing
not only to crime or disaster prevention, but also
to the efficiency of daily operations.

Security, operability, and responsiveness.
All of these have been pursued.

Superior Usability

Secure operation with highly secure IC cards and
biometric authentication. Various functions and an
easy-to-read, easy-to-use operation indicator provide
high-quality service.

New design with superior operability

Smaller and thinner than before, the operation indicator features a touch-panel color LCD monitor. The new display is available in exposed or embedded type, and in white or black color variations.

Highly secure authentication method

The IC card is difficult to counterfeit or duplicate. The card can also be connected to a biometric authentication system that authenticates finger veins. This system provides strict security.

Image sensors detect intruders and automatically send abnormal signals and images to the SECOM control centers. SECOM will take prompt and appropriate action. SECOM will accurately assess the situation using images and audio, and if the situation indicates that a crime has been committed, SECOM will immediately call 110 (the police).

Image sensor detects without missing

Equipped with superior sensing technology; Detect intruders and automatically transmit images to SECOM; Even in the darkness, the system operates accurately.

Warning or intimidation can be issued through the speaker

The image sensor has a built-in microphone, so the situation can be checked audibly as well.

Blocks vision and prevents criminal activity

By instantly blowing fog, it obscures the intruder’s vision.

High-grade monitoring
with image sensors

Easier to use with smartphones

By installing a dedicated application, you can check the
security status and operate the system from your

*Please contact SECOM for information on the use of smartphones,
including compatible operating systems.

Streamlines entry access history view and management of
individual access credentials and card information

Efficient access control and attendance management

In the event of an emergency,
SECOM will rush to the scene.

When a sensor installed at the contracted location detects an abnormality, it
sends an online abnormality signal to the SECOM Control Center. The SECOM
Control Center then dispatches emergency response personnel to the site, who
respond appropriately. In addition to crime prevention, SECOM monitors the
building 24 hours a day for fire, equipment malfunctions, emergency calls, and
other emergencies.


Other Service

  • AED

    We provide a complete set of AED equipment on a rental basis and manage the status of the AED online.

  • Surveillance camera

    Cameras with surveillance capabilities that combine SECOM’s security expertise.

  • Access Controll

    Simple to advanced access control using finger vein authentication.