Fair Corporate Activities and Respect for Human Rights

Initiatives for Respecting Human Rights

Basic policies and structure

Basic concepts and policies

SECOM is dedicated to complying with legally mandated working hours and wage guarantees. In addition, we respect the principles and rights set forth by the International Labour Organization (ILO), such as freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of all forms of forced labor, child labor, and discrimination with respect to employment and occupation.

In accordance with SECOM’s own policies listed below, we prohibit all forms of discrimination, and operate with respect for human rights. Furthermore, in October 2022, we formulated the SECOM Group Human Rights Policy to respond sincerely to global human rights issues.

Ten Fundamental Management Policies (excerpt)

  • Society is a formation of individuals. SECOM’s organization is also a formation of individual employees. Needless to say, what is most important is that all employees are always energetic and living meaningful lives. Whether within the organization or not, we must always give human dignity the highest respect.

SECOM Group Code of Employee Conduct (excerpt)

(Humanity and Justice)

  • In line with human dignity, we must always respect human rights. We must strive to enrich our hearts, to cultivate our minds, to value the spirit of civility and humility, to abhor crime and injustice, to always treat people with humanity, and to persevere in justice.

(Respect for Human Rights)

  • Regardless of the circumstances, we must always respect human rights and never engage in behavior that lessens human dignity in any way. Furthermore, we must never engage in discrimination based on factors such as birth, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or social standing, or irrational discrimination based on factors including nationality, disability, or academic record.
  • We must never impose work on others by using violence, defamation, slander, or coercion, and must never engage in harassment or other behavior that violates human rights. Moreover, we must never use any type of sexual language or engage in behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable or results in misunderstanding.


The Human Resources Department, under the supervision of the Director in charge of human resources, fulfills a leading role and cooperates with managers at regional headquarters throughout Japan to create workplaces that respect human rights.

Following our belief that incorporating diverse values contributes to the vitality and growth of our company, we implement measures to foster an organizational culture of respect for each and every one of our diverse employees under the leadership of D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Promotion staff.

Education about human rights and preventing harassment

Employee education and organizational operation

The spirit of respecting human rights is stated in the Ten Fundamental Management Policies, which are the basic policies for management at SECOM, and the SECOM Group Employee Code of Conduct, which prescribes specific standards to be followed. In addition, the SECOM Group Human Rights Policy sets forth guidelines to further promote respect for human rights.

We have also revised our regulations for preventing workplace harassment, which are included on the company intranet. We capitalize on training and other opportunities to implement organizational management and employee education about human rights.

Additionally, we have issued the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers, which refer to international guidelines such as ISO 26000, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization. Together with our business partners, we work to ensure respect for human rights, eliminate discrimination, child labor, and forced labor, and comply with labor conditions, etc., throughout our supply chain.

Education about preventing harassment

We hold harassment prevention training, conducted by external instructors and counselors, for operations managers and female managers throughout Japan. This harassment prevention training is practical, utilizing simulations based on actual harassment cases and showing methods to interview people in the event of harassment, ways to manage anger, and other techniques.

From fiscal 2018, we have held an e-learning program for all employees to prevent workplace harassment. The curriculum covers power harassment, pregnancy- and childbirth-related harassment, sexual harassment, and other harassment themes, including follow-up tests. We also provide video programs to study these topics.

Establishing consultation hotlines

To protect the human rights of SECOM Group employees and enable them to feel secure as they work, SECOM has established consultation hotlines that employees can use for various issues at any time, as well as a dedicated hotline for incidents involving violations of their own human rights or the human rights of others. Both the names of persons who desire consultation and the content of these consultations are kept confidential, to prevent employees from suffering any disadvantage after using the hotline.

Employee consultation website

This website allows employees to anonymously consult with professionals regarding their questions, problems or concerns about company policies and rules or in the case that they have made a small error or mistake. Reaching out for consultation when worries are still small can prevent them from growing into major problems.

Hot Helpline

We have established a whistle-blowing system that enables individuals to seek advice regarding non-compliance or to report such issues.

Detail on whistle-blowing system > Compliance

Harassment consultation desk

We have formulated rules for preventing harassment and established a consultation and contact desk for all its types, including power harassment and sexual harassment, at the Human Resources Department and SECOM Lively Union*. When the consultation desk is contacted, it immediately responds to the person desiring consultation and coordinates with related departments, such as the Human Resources Department and the Internal Audit and Compliance Department, as necessary, which work together to rapidly resolve the problem and support the employee by restoring an appropriate work environment.

SECOM Lively Union: The SECOM Employee Union Federation, which serves as the labor union at the SECOM Group

Compliance with the U.K. Modern Slavery Act

In developing its global businesses, the SECOM Group recognizes the importance of respecting human rights in all countries, including those in supply chains. In 2018, SECOM became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, which advocates compliance with universal principles for human rights and labor, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

U.K.-based Secom Plc has issued a statement that takes a zero-tolerance approach to forced work, bonded work, trafficking, and other such practices, both direct and indirect, in providing SECOM products and services, including those in supply chains, in accordance with the U.K. Modern Slavery Act, enacted in March 2015.

“Modern Slavery Statement” on the Secom Plc website

Participation in the UN Global Compact

The SECOM Group signed the UN Global Compact in May 2018. To promote responsible management as a global company, we will contribute to achieving a sustainable society by supporting the 10 principles stated in the UN Global Compact, which cover the areas of “Human Rights,” “Labor,” “Environment,” and “Anti-corruption.”