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Yasufumi Amari

The reason I applied to SECOM

I was attracted to the concept of being able to start research without any preconceived notions as the laboratory was created shortly before I joined, in December 1986. I decided to apply to the laboratory because I believed that at SECOM, being the leading security company in Japan, I would be able to become a leader in the field through leading-edge research.

What is security in the first place?

The word "security" is used in many different contexts -- IT systems for businesses, business continuity plans, the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and even the Japanese Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Although many readers may envision "information security" when "security" is mentioned, that is just one aspect of security. Intrusion detection systems for homes and businesses are also elements of "security," but also represent a limited aspect of security. The meaning of the word "security" depends on the context in which it is used, and security measures are often implemented within the original restricted context.

We aim to organize the many different aspects of security and treat it as the subject of engineering.

Satisfaction from building an all new theory

picture2When we started to organize the many different aspects of security and treat it as the subject of engineering, there was no answer to the question, "What is security in the first place?" It was not defined in any news or publications. There were only tools or methodologies to implement security. So we had no alternative but to observe society and to attempt to find a definition ourselves. Through visits and interviews with SECOM field operations, and even at Ground Zero in New York City, I met many different people and heard about their experiences and opinions on the subject, One day, I had a flash of insight, which led to a theory about security.

Industrial approaches to security such as JIS Q 2001 (2001 Guidelines for Development and Implementation of a Risk Management System by the Japanese Standards Association) or ISMS (Information Security Management Systems) treat security solely in the context of business management methods. These approaches effectively operate, manage and evaluate security in an organization by concentrating on a single dimension -? the financial cost. However this singular focus is not a good match for individuals, since they have their own value systems which can not be evaluated solely by cost. A nation is also a body whose actions cannot be evaluated solely by a single dimension. Through this reasoning, I was able to realize that one can think of all aspects of security in an integrated fashion, encompassing the versions evaluated through financial means and otherwise. The satisfaction I felt at this moment was beyond description.

Satisfaction from improving myself

picture3From September 2007 to August 2008, I joined "FORUM21 Baikasonjuku (" as a delegate . This forum is designed as a medium for cross-industrial exchange where people from industry or government participate in discussions focusing on various social and educational issues. Even though it was a very demanding experience, requiring more than 150 days of time while holding a full-time job, it allowed me to collaborate seriously with high-level colleagues, with whom I would not usually have had the opportunity to collaborate with or to inspect places one cannot normally visit. I believe that the friendships built during this program will last a lifetime.

At ISL, there are multiple ways to improve ourselves, not only through participation in forums, but by obtaining doctoral degrees while working or assignment to Chinese universities. I would not trade the satisfaction of improving myself for anything and I am glad that ISL has provided me with this opportunity.

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