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Director's Message

A place to design the Social System

The core competencies of SECOM Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISL) consist of 6 divisions "Social Affairs Division" , "Service Engineering Division" , "Vision Intelligence Division", "Sensing Technology Division", "Communication Platform Division" and "Concept Modeling Division". Experts from each field actively work together to create a blueprint for a new Social System that is secure, safe and convenient, while also conducting trials, incorporating operation, to fully test each model.

Creating services which are useful in an emergency requires not only technical skills but also a keen eye for observation and analysis to truly understand the "living environment". The "living environment" exists naturally like air, but is ephemeral and difficult to understand. ISL works to identify and quickly formulate research to addressing the underlying anxiety among people, and then to put the research results into practice.

To create useful services for an ever-diversified and ever-changing "living environment". ISL provides a place to not only let each individual researcher grow, but also provides an environment to create synergies among researchers to leverage the power of the organization.

I hope that you will take the time to explore and learn about our research activities.

Picture of Director
Director of ISL
Yuji Mesaki