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Feb. 06, 2024



SECOM has been selected as an "A-list company" in the CDP's survey for two consecutive years

SECOM CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, President: Ichiro Ozeki) has been recognized as an "A-list company", the highest rating in the survey on climate change initiatives conducted by the international environmental NGO, CDP, for two consecutive years.

The CDP awards scores to companies and municipalities worldwide for their strategies, responses, and disclosure efforts related to climate change. Among these, organizations demonstrating superior initiatives are published as "A-list".

In 2023, approximately 23,000 companies worldwide responded, of which 109 Japanese companies were recognized as "A-list" in climate change.

SECOM recognizes that the preservation of the global environment is essential for a safe and comfortable life. Based on our corporate philosophy of "Contributing to society through our business," we carry out environmentally conscious business activities. SECOM announced its commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2045 and obtained SBT certification in 2021. We set a goal to introduce 100% renewable energy by the same year and joined the RE100 global corporate initiative accordingly.

In December 2023, SECOM was registered as a "ZEB Leading Owner." The ZEB Leading Owner system registers building owners who are paving the way for the spread of ZEBs (Net Zero-Energy Buildings) as excellent business operators. We will promote ZEB-related initiatives and continue to further promote efforts to realize a decarbonized society.


The CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international environmental NGO established in the UK in 2000. It provides a global system for measuring, disclosing, managing, and sharing environmental information of corporations and cities. On behalf of institutional investors, it urges companies, organizations, and cities around the world to disclose information about the environment and resources through questionnaires on climate change, water resources, forests, etc., and promotes measures to reduce environmental impact.

■ ZEB (Net Zero-Energy Building)
A building with net zero or negative annual primary energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

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