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Jan. 17, 2022



SECOM to release cocobo, a new security robot that harmonizes with public spaces, meeting a wide variety of needs by utilizing AI, 5G, and scalability

cocobo from SECOM CO., LTD. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, with CEO Ichiro Ozeki) is scheduled to be released on Monday, January 17, 2022. cocobo is a security robot that uses cutting-edge technologies such as AI and 5G to perform security work while harmonizing with various locations such as commercial facilities and office buildings.

Security Robot "cocobo".
Conducting an inspection with
the arm attachment

As the working-age population declines, securing a labor force has become an important social issue in Japan. In recent years, the security service industry has also been required to reduce the burden on security guards and improve the working environment. As a solution to these contemporary issues, SECOM has been working to create a new type of security by using state-of-the-art technologies.

cocobo utilizes AI, 5G, and an array of devices and sensors to perform security patrols and inspections in the place of human guards. cocobo autonomously runs on designated patrol routes, capable of real-time AI analysis of images captured by the onboard cameras, as well as detecting misplaced persons, fallen individuals, and abandoned objects. If a suspicious person is detected, cocobo can emit an auditory warning accompanied by lights, as well as deploy a smokescreen for intimidation purposes. When performing inspection work, a modular arm can be attached to inspect places that are difficult for humans to check, such as underneath benches or under and behind vending machines. Furthermore, cocobo can actively utilize data from a variety of sources stored in the Cloud, including the Virtual Keibi System*, the facility's security cameras, elevators and electric locks, and other pertinent information regarding the facility and surrounding area. It will also collaborate with—and augment—the presiding security staff to provide efficient and higher quality performance in a wide range of operations, from ensuring safety during both peacetime and emergencies, to providing useful and optimal information. Since cocobo has the scalability to link with the information required by the customer, it can meet a variety of needs.

This service was designed by the SECOM DESIGN FACTORY, a strategic joint project between SECOM and its partners aimed at creating innovative and creative services. In collaboration with Mr. Kota Nezu from znug design and Loftwork Inc., the cocobo service has achieved a sophisticated design.

SECOM will continue to work on creating new security services, employing the newest technologies so that it can respond to the various needs of society.

*Published January 13, 2022: "Virtual Keibi System"
Virtual Characters to Provide Guard and Reception Services, for the First Time in the World

1. System overview and major functions

System Overview

AI, 5G, and other highly advanced technologies are used to provide various security services, including patrol and inspection work. When an anomaly is detected, a signal is sent to the monitoring console installed in the disaster prevention center or other such control facility, and the system responds in cooperation with stationed security guards. In addition, the system can share and coordinate a variety of information on the Cloud, such as image data taken from the Virtual Keibi System (virtual security guard system) and surveillance cameras as well as information from elevators and other facility equipment. By doing so, we can provide more sophisticated security services.

Major functions: *Optional feature(s)

cocobo Introduction Video (

2. specifications

Size (W)700mm x (D)1,200mm x (H)1,250mm
Weight Approx. 160 kg (incl. Battery)
Maximum speed 6 km/hr. (speed is restricted based on surrounding environment)
Continuous driving time Approximately 3 hours
(Waterproofing unavailable)
Total length is 978mm (100mm vertical movement capable) and a stereo camera, IR sensor, and LED for illumination can be equipped. *Optional features
Deterrence functions audio, headlights, and smokescreen emitter *Optional features
Remote communications microphone, built-in speakers (Can make voice call with security staff)
Display functions Status-displaying LED, High-visibility LED display *Optional features
Required communications setups 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi compatible
Waterproof function Waterproof rating is IPX5

3. Price

<Rental price> *Option

cocobo main unit (standard) 300,000 yen/month (330,000 yen/month tax included,) as a rental charge
Recharging station 60,000 yen/month (66,000 yen/month tax included,) as a rental charge
Monitoring console 30,000 yen/month (33,000 yen/month tax included,) as a rental charge
Waterproofing* 10,000 yen/month (11,000 yen/month tax included,) as a rental charge
Detection functionality* The price will be based on the detection function(s) to be used
Arm* The price will be adjusted according to the attachment(s) to be used (currently under development)
Cloud linkage* The price will be adjusted according to the linked content.
Color customization*: 500,000 yen/alteration (550,000 yen/alteration tax included) and you can designate color and logo design.
*Customers who have implemented the stationed security service of the SECOM Group will be eligible.


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