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Initiatives for the Community

Our mission is to further expand “safety and peace of mind” throughout society and to contribute to the growth of local communities. We hold various initiatives including raising awareness towards crime among children, women, and the elderly. Furthermore, SECOM works to solve social imperatives through activities such as support for the frequent natural disasters, support for sporting events, and community activities in cooperation with the national government, etc.

Basic concept and policies

In order to construct a positive relationship with local communities, the SECOM Group conducts initiatives to contribute to local communities in the five fields listed below.

  1. Initiatives for raising crime prevention awareness
  2. Initiatives for cultivating the next generation
  3. Initiatives for disaster support
  4. Initiatives for supporting sports
  5. Initiatives for local communities and international communities

All of these initiatives have been developed through relationships with the community in our business and domains adjacent to our business. Moving forward, we will continue to position these initiatives as important to the SECOM Group, and keep taking actions.

Especially, when performing “initiatives for raising crime prevention awareness,” SECOM returns to society the expertise which the Company has accumulated over many years of business. Through these activities, SECOM has an objective to enable ordinary citizens and all other members of society to prevent damage in advance, thus contributing to the achievement of safety and peace of mind in daily life.


Community activities are created and developed among relationships with society. SECOM’s offices in each region play a leading role in these activities. Furthermore, specialized departments at our headquarters provide support for disasters and holding sporting events. During these activities, we cooperate the national government, regional governments, NGOs, and other corporations.

The Corporate Public Relations Department collects information regarding the status of activities and provides various support.

Goals and results

SECOM seeks to raise crime prevention awareness among even more people. In fiscal 2017, we held 165 “SECOM Child Safety Workshops” and 20 “Crime Prevention Seminars for Women.”

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