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Initiatives for Protecting Biodiversity

Concept for protecting biodiversity

Based on our environmental philosophy and basic environmental policy, SECOM recognizes the importance of contributing to the “resolution of global environmental issues through our business” and works to protect biodiversity.

Initiatives for biodiversity protection

Participation in initiatives for restoration of coastal protection forests

The SECOM Group supports a variety of biodiversity protection activities and recruits employee volunteers to participate in those activities. In May 2018, the Coastal Protection Forest Restoration Project was held in the city of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture. As a joint effort between OISCA and the Natori City Coastal Restoration Association, the project seeks to restore a 5 km (approx. 100 hectares) stretch of coastal protection forest that was destroyed by the tsunami after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition to reconstruction from the earthquake, the project contributes to the restoration of habitats for small animals and birds.

Additionally, SECOM participates in a variety of activities for protecting biodiversity; for example, “Afforestation Activities in Yangon, Myanmar” and “Cleanup of Loggerhead Turtle Spawning Grounds” in the Akae and Kisaki beach of Miyazaki Prefecture.

Employee volunteers participate in the Coastal Protection Forest Project operated by OISCA

Working to restore coastal protection forests that were destroyed by the tsunami after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Cleaning of spawning grounds for loggerhead turtles

Afforestation activities in Yangon, Myanmar

SECOM’s Food

Based on our corporate message of “providing reliable peace of mind to the society,” SECOM recognizes that it is also our mission to provide safety and peace of mind for the food which is the basis of human life. Since 1998, we have operated SECOM’s Food, an online sales service for food. Acting as an agent for our customers, SECOM staff always travel directly to production regions in order to select products by interviewing producers and engaging in repeated tastings. Currently, SECOM’s Food handle approximately 1,000 products from about 250 companies.

Food is truly a gift from nature and a blessing of biodiversity. SECOM’s Food selects products based on the criteria of “natural,” “peace of mind,” and “delicious flavor.” For rice, vegetables, and other foods which are eaten as they are, we introduce products which were grown without reliance on pesticides, chemicals fertilizers, etc.

In addition to not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, many producers of our products also consider biodiversity and maintain harmony with nature while making every possible effort to produce quality foods. Growing crops without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers leads to sustainable agriculture that doesn’t pollute soil or rivers. It also protects wild animals and ecosystems.

Promotion of eco tours

Eco tours are trips in which travelers learn about the workings of nature and participate in activities for protecting living creatures and natural environments, while observing and experiencing nature.

Through cooperation with Wonder Dream Co., Ltd., a subsidiary which handles welfare activities for group employees, SECOM encourages our employees to participate in eco tours. In order to further promote these eco tours, we established contents entitled “Let’s Go on Eco Tours” on our company intranet in March 2013.

SECOM’s recreational facilities serve as bases for eco tours which enable participants to grow closer to nature while having fun. These eco tours are outstanding opportunities for each employee to think about environmental issues and to increase their awareness towards environmental protection and biodiversity protection.

The intranet page encourages employees to participate in eco tours

Participation in the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership

In order to further promote activities for protecting biodiversity, SECOM has participated in the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership from March 2011.

Through cooperation among organizations such as the Keidanren (Japan Business Association) and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this partnership was founded in order to encourage private business to take actions for biodiversity.

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