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Protecting Biodiversity

Pasco’s support for sustainable forest management

Pasco Corporation, a Group company, uses aerial laser measurement to collect high-precision 3-D topographical data, which it uses in forest resource studies. These studies make it possible to assess in a short time the amount and condition of forest resources over a wide area, as well as geographical factors that affect production activities.

The measured data can be used to determine and analyze not only the number of trees and the elevation, but also other forestry details, such as species and ages of trees, and even their leaf, branch, and trunk growth conditions. This information makes it possible to quantitatively determine which forests require thinning, as well as the appropriate thinning time and timber volume.

Visualizing forest resource information and providing support for sustainable forest management contribute to protecting biodiversity.

High-density, high-efficiency measurement using the latest aircraft-mounted lasers

Usable forest resource distribution map

Participation in local social contribution activities

Secom Industries’ environmental on-site education

Secom Industries Co., Ltd., a Group company, participates in the Shiroishi Zao Eco Forum to contribute to the local society and foster environmental cooperation. In this initiative, neighboring companies and workplaces from the same industry gather to exchange information on environment-friendly activities.

As part of these activities, we provide environmental on-site education for local elementary school students, who will be responsible for the future of society, to deepen their understanding of environmental issues and develop their capabilities as people who can think and act on their own. In recognition of these activities, the forum was presented the Miyagi Prefecture Stop Global Warming Award in fiscal 2019.

In addition, Secom Industries conduct cleanup activities four to five times a year before the start of work on the roads around the head office and Miyagi Daiichi Logistics Center. We also actively participate in the Shiroishi City Sawabata River cleanup activities held in the area.

A plaque for the Miyagi Prefecture Stop Global Warming Award, made from thinned Japanese cedar

Conducting on-site environmental education for elementary school students

Participation in activities to regenerate coastal disaster-prevention forests

The SECOM Group endorses biodiversity protection activities organized by NPOs and local communities, and our employees volunteer in activities such as the Coastal Protection Forest Restoration Project.

The Coastal Protection Forest Restoration Project, which is being carried out in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, is an initiative organized by OISCA (The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International) and the Natori City Coastal Forest Restoration Association to rehabilitate coastal disaster-prevention forests covering approximately 100 hectares (5 km in length) that were lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake tsunami. The activities are contributing to reconstruction after the earthquake and to the recovery of the habitat for small animals and birds.

In addition, our Group companies are involved in various environmental conservation activities. For example, SECOM Miyazaki Co., Ltd. participates in cleanup of loggerhead turtle spawning grounds at Akae and Kisaki beach of Miyazaki Prefecture.

Employee volunteers participating in OISCA’s Coastal Protection Forest Restoration Project

Regenerating coastal disaster prevention forests lost in the Great East Japan Earthquake tsunami

SECOM Group colleagues who participated in cleaning a spawning ground for loggerhead turtles

Donation of T-shirts through NPOs/NGOs (Philippines)

Dealing with illegal logging

Illegal logging of forests is recognized as an important global issue. In Japan, the Act on Promoting the Distribution and Use of Legally Harvested Wood and Wood Products (Clean Wood Law) went into force in 2017.

We recognize that addressing illegal logging is an important issue and conducted a questionnaire survey for suppliers to eliminate illegally harvested timber products such as imported timber. We were able to confirm that illegally harvested timber is not used.

In addition, we use FSC-certified paper for our printer paper, SECOM reports, product catalogs, and envelopes, etc., to preserve valuable forests.

Initiatives for raising awareness of biodiversity protection

Promotion of eco tours

Eco tours are trips in which travelers learn about the workings of nature and participate in activities for protecting living creatures and natural environments, while observing and experiencing nature.

Through cooperation with Wonder Dream Co., Ltd., a subsidiary that handles welfare activities for Group employees, SECOM encourages our employees to participate in eco tours. We have created the “Let’s Go on Eco Tours” section on our company intranet and encourage employees to actively participate in eco tours.

SECOM’s recreational facilities serve as bases for eco tours that enable participants to grow closer to nature while having fun. These eco tours are outstanding opportunities for all employees to think about environmental issues and to increase their awareness toward environmental protection and biodiversity protection.

In fiscal 2019, a total of 13,000 employees and their families used the Karuizawa Sanso, Gotemba, Nabari, and Aso recreational facilities.

The intranet page encourages employees to participate in eco tours

Participation in the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership

In order to further promote activities for protecting biodiversity, SECOM has participated in the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership since March 2011.

Through cooperation among organizations such as Keidanren (Japan Business Association) and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this partnership was founded in order to encourage private business to take actions for biodiversity.

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Protecting Biodiversity. This page introduces SECOM’s sustainability initiatives. Since our founding, SECOM, recognizing “the importance of mutual sustainable growth for corporations and society,” has worked to solve social/environmental issues through our business activities in terms of the economy, environment, and society.