Sustainability Report 2020 Questionnaire

Thank you for reading gSECOM Sustainability Report 2020h.
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For what purpose did you read SECOM's Sustainability Report 2020?
  • To know about SECOM's commitment to sustainability
  • To know the direction of SECOM's business management
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Which item did you find interesting in the report? (Multiple answers allowed)
  • A Message from the President
  • SECOM's Philosophy
  • SECOM Group Business Areas
  • Sustainability Issues (Materiality)

Topics 2020

  • Leveraging Advanced Technologies and Partnerships
  • Global Expansion|Providing ANSHIN worldwide

Vision and Strategy

  • SECOM Group's Vision for 2030
  • Initiatives for gCo-creationh through Open Innovation

Initiatives to Address ESG Issues

  • Customer-oriented Services
  • Employee Self-realization and Diversity
  • Fair Corporate Activities and Respect for Human Rights
  • Decarbonization and a Recycling-based Society
  • Coexistence with Local Communities
What are your impressions of this report?

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SDSECOM's Sustainability Activities

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TDReliability to the SECOM Group

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