Sustainability Report 2018 Questionnaire

Thank you for reading SECOM Sustainability Report 2018.
Your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated and will be useful for us as a reference for our future initiatives and the next report.

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For what purpose did you read the Sustainability Report 2018H
  • To know about SECOM's commitment to sustainability
  • To know the direction of SECOM's business management
  • As a reference of sustainability or CSR report for the company/ organization you work for
  • For corporate research
  • Other
Which item did you find interesting in the report? (Multiple answers allowed)
  • A Message from the President
  • SECOM Group Business Fields (Social System Industry)
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • SECOM's Philosophy
  • Expectations for SECOM (Third-party Perspective)

Topics 2018

  • PDSECOM Group Road Map 2022
  • QDInitiatives for Disaster Support
  • RDInitiatives for Supporting Sports

Strategic CSR

  • SECOM Group's Vision for 2030
  • The ANSHIN Platform Concept
  • Strategies for Creating the ANSHIN Platform Concept
  • SECOM's ANSHIN Flow and Implementation Examples
  • Initiatives for gCo-Creationh through Open Innovation
  • Global Expansion

Basic CSR

  • Together with Customers
  • Together with the Community/Society
  • Together with the Global Environment
  • Together with Employees
  • Corporate Governance
How would you rate the following qualities of our sustainability report?
Please choose one answer that is closest to how you feel.

PDInformation richness

  • Very fulfilling
  • Fulfilling
  • Neutral
  • Insufficient
  • Very insufficient

QDEasiness to understand

  • Very easy to understand
  • Easy to understand
  • Neutral
  • Difficult to understand
  • Very difficult to understand

RDAmount of pages

  • Too many
  • Many
  • Just right
  • Few
  • Very few

SDSECOM's CSR initiatives

  • Very satisfactory
  • Satisfactory
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfactory
  • Very dissatisfactory

TDReliability to the SECOM Group

  • Increased
  • Increased to some extent
  • Same as before
  • Slightly decreased
  • Decreased
Could you tell us what you expect to the SECOM Group's future initiatives? Any other suggestions or comments are welcomed.
Which of the following categories describe your status?
  • Customer of SECOM's services
  • CSR Manager/ Staff
  • Education/ Research institute
  • Business partner of SECOM
  • Shareholder/ Investor of SECOM
  • CSR expert
  • Student
  • News media
  • Government/ Administrative organization
  • SECOM Group employees and family
  • Other