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Kenshoe Takakura

The reason I applied to SECOM
 After graduating from university with degrees in electrical engineering, most of my friends found jobs working for the major electrical appliance manufacturers. I was not interested in a large company since I would be just a cog in the company system. While looking for a job, I had the opportunity to visit the SECOM Intelligent Systems Laboratory, where I felt an atmosphere of freedom and independence. I felt that I would be able to take a central role there. In addition, I expected that the security industry would grow in the future, so I decided to apply to work at SECOM.

Embodying the Future


 Initially, I was assigned to the Sensing System Group. The group was involved in a wide variety of research and development activities, not only for security sensors but also other equipment such as the Electric Measurement Device, targeted for our sales staff to measure the dimensions of a customer's building at the press of a button, and the Handy Information Terminal which can allow the homeowner to activate or deactivate the Home Security System or listen-in to activities in their house.

 Although neither of these concepts is unusual now, at that time, there were few people who proposed such devices. Being able to propose and develop such a radical idea is something that can only be done in a laboratory like this and it is worth all the work for me.


Building on Failure

picture SECOM is an agile and forward-thinking company, meaning that even when an idea is considered to be too early for the mass market use but good for society and Secom's future, the company allows us to work on the idea. In this regard, SECOM uses a merit-based system. Even if an idea doesn't result in tangible output, evaluations are positive as long as the output is based on well though-out principles. Personally, though the projects which I worked on after joining the company were not commercialized as a product, I was not penalized, but instead, expectations were raised for the future.

 With this experience and my motivation, I proposed a new research topic, an intrusion sensor using light, which resulted in many different but related inventions. In addition, different technologies I proposed and experiences I accumulated over my work at SECOM are now being used in building the latest security sensor that I am currently working on. By not being discouraged by failures and by keeping engaged in challenges, I am aiming to be recognized as a professional in the field by the word "sensor" analogous to the name "Takakura."

Creating opportunities by driving oneself

 Making the best of my English ability, I participate in projects with international scope. I travel overseas several times a year to research technological trends at international exhibitions and examine security systems for our international operations. I also came to be able to speak Chinese after working for seven month in China for technological research. Thus, I can cover the American, European and Chinese markets, which is necessary to understand global trends, which broadens the range of research and ideas.

 I also acquired a MOT degree (Master's in Management of Technology) in 2004, from which I learned not only technological aspects but also management and marketing related concepts as well. This also allowed me to look at issues from different viewpoints than a researcher, such as from management or a customer.

 SECOM is a company which gives its employees a lot of chances, if you have the will and make the effort. If you are interested in walking one step, or even half a step, in front of others, SECOM allows you to drive yourself forward continuously.

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