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Seiya Hasegawa

The reason I applied to SECOM
 At graduate school, I researched image processing, focusing on ultrasonic diagnosis. While I was looking for a job, another student told me about a research institute in SECOM which piqued my interest. The main reasons why I decided to apply to SECOM were SECOM's focus on services providing "safety and security" which were increasingly in demand, and how ISL seemed to have much more vigor than similar research institutes of other companies.

First-hand Experience and Enthusiasm


 When I entered SECOM, the company was just beginning to expand into the medical services field, pursuing the corporate "Social System Industry" philosophy. Since my university background was in the medical field, I was assigned to a group developing an algorithm to automatically create the work-shift schedules for nurses at a hospital — a task complicated by the complex and sometimes contradicting relationship between the demands of the hospital and the nurses themselves. "Understanding the true nature of the problem" or gaining first-hand experience is the basic ideology behind research at SECOM and I wasted no time situating myself at a nurse station of a hospital for weeks to study the details of nursing duties and scheduling.

 I have always liked devising computer algorithms and programming, so I repeatedly built and took a prototype program into the nurse station and asked for opinions — enthusiastically making use of the feedback every cycle. Finally, I was able to implement an algorithm that could make work schedules on par to the ones made by a nurse manager. Today, the system incorporating this algorithm is commercially available and used in many hospitals throughout Japan. In addition, I also applied for several patents based on this algorithm.


Obtaining a Doctoral Degree while working


 After the success of that project, I was promoted as the manager of medically related research. It is very exciting and refreshing work for me to create new products and services by gathering talented researchers from a variety of research backgrounds and helping them work together towards a common goal. Meanwhile, when the patents applications became publicly available, one of the senior managers suggested that I join a part-time doctoral program focusing on work-shift scheduling. I jumped at this offer because I had always been interested in obtaining a Ph.D. One of the conditions in obtaining the Ph.D. was to continue with my full-time position in the laboratory was so in terms of time, it was very difficult to cope with both graduate and professional work. However, I was able to complete my coursework and dissertation to obtain the Ph.D. in two years.

Appeal of SECOM Intelligent Systems Laboratory

picture Looking back, I feel that I had a lot of chances where I could propose and research topics that I was interested in at the lab. I believe that SECOM offers its researchers a chance to simultaneously contribute to the company and grow individually.


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