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Apr. 24, 2023



SECOM Launches 'YORiSOS' App, Enabling Emergency Notifications
Integrated with 'Apple Watch' Fall Detection Feature, It also Supports Everyday Health Management

SECOM CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, President: Ichiro Ozeki) is pleased to announce the commencement of the provision of the YORiSOS app*1, starting from April 24, 2023 (Monday). YORiSOS is the first app in Japan*2 to offer emergency notifications to SECOM and assists with everyday health management, integrated with the Apple Watch fall detection feature.

YORiSOS is a dedicated app for Apple Watch and iPhone, enabling emergency notification and support requests to SECOM at any time, with the press of a button. Moreover, YORiSOS is the first app in Japan to work in collaboration with the Apple Watch fall detection feature. Should the Apple Watch detect a severe fall, the app initiates and prompts the user to notify SECOM. The app can also utilize healthcare data recorded by the Apple Watch and iPhone for everyday health management.

YORiSOS app's icon for Apple Watch (left)
and for the iPhone home screen (right)

For emergency notifications, when a user feels in danger or unwell, he/she can report to SECOM via YORiSOS and receive a call from an operator, requesting emergency response personnel to be dispatched, if necessary. Moreover, if the Apple Watch detects a severe fall, in addition to the Apple Watch's original feature of calling emergency medical services as needed. YORiSOS can also coordinate with this feature to notify SECOM and get the user to receive support.

For health management, the Apple Watch records and displays data*3 such as steps and sleep duration. The YORiSOS app, in turn, presents the degree of attainment for daily step count and sleep duration recommendations set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan. Notifications Data compiled by the Apple Watch or iPhone data supports everyday health management by providing weekly results, as well as recommendations for early consultation and countermeasures if irregular heartbeats, severe falls, or decreased walking stability are detected.

SECOM will continue to aim to create new services that integrate accumulated experience and expertise with the powerful technology of the Apple Watch and iPhone.

YORiSOS Features

1. Emergency Reporting to SECOM Anytime, Anywhere

When the user feels endangered or anxious due to ill health, an emergency report (SECOM SOS) can be made from YORiSOS to SECOM. Then, a call from a SECOM operator will follow, and the user can request for emergency assistance, if necessary. Additionally, in conjunction with the Apple Watch's original feature of prompting a call to emergency medical services when a severe fall is detected, smooth reporting to SECOM via YORiSOS is also possible. SECOM's support can be received regardless of location or time, whether at home or outside.

In Case of Ill Health
Operation and screen transition by Apple Watch (Reporting can also be done from the iPhone)

When a Fall is Detected
Operation and screen transition by Apple Watch (Reporting can also be done from the iPhone)

2. Visualization and Notification of Healthcare Data

Steps and sleep time recorded with the Apple Watch are displayed on the iPhone's YORiSOS home screen, where you can also see how well you meet the daily recommended number of steps and sleep time as set by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in Japan. Users are notified of their results in a Weekly Report. Irregular heartbeats, severe falls, or symptoms of reduced stability in walking are relayed through the "SECOM Assist Report", which prompts users to engage in early consultation or to take action. You can also receive advice through the Relaxing Health Line for YORiSOS by talking to a SECOM nurse over the phone.

Home Screen
Weekly Report
SECOM Assist Report
Relaxing Health Line

3. Collaboration with the "Always Watching Over" App to Share Information with Family

The usage status of the reporting button, step count, sleep time, and location information of the parents using YORiSOS can be checked by the family's Always Watching Over app, realizing more detailed monitoring.

*This is an app available with the SECOM Home Security "Safety Watching Service" option, which collects and analyzes detection information from security sensors installed in the parent's home, enabling confirmation of living rhythm, sensor detection frequency, and more. Sharing data requires permission from the user and is shared only among approved family members. SECOM does not access this information.

Home Screen
Notification for When a Fall is Detected

YORiSOS Service Introduction Page

About the App Name

"YORiSOS" is a portmanteau of the Japanese term "Yorisou" (meaning 'to stand by' or 'to accompany') and "SOS". It signifies our commitment to always being there for you - whether in normal or emergency situations - through YORiSOS, so that you can maintain your health and live your daily life with peace of mind.


App usage fee: 550 JPY (incl. tax) per month
Outdoor response request: 11,000 JPY (incl. tax) per dispatch (up to 1 hour)
*Subscription for SECOM Home Security is required.

Campaign Information

In commemoration of the launch of YORiSOS, we are running a campaign where those who sign up for the SECOM Home Security WEB Exclusive Pack will receive an Apple Watch SE model (either 40mm or 44mm).

<Campaign Period>
April 24, 2023 (Monday) to June 30, 2023 (Friday)

Those who will have signed up for the SECOM Home Security WEB Exclusive Pack within the campaign period and started the service by September 30, 2023 (Saturday) are eligible.
*Starting the SECOM Home Security service requires the completion of security equipment installation and initial settings by SECOM.

<Applicable Plans>
SECOM Home Security NEO Plan (Rental)
SECOM Home Security Smart NEO Plan (Rental)

<Campaign Website>


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