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Some feedback from our users and experts.
Manual Mode
Due to my spinal cord injury, I can't move my arms and legs. Therefore I usually need a caregiver to help me eat. Thanks to My Spoon, I can eat by myself without any assistance, together with my caregiver. With this robot, I can finish a meal in about 20 minutes. Its motion is smooth and it feels like I am eating by myself. I believe that this robot will be useful for others with spinal cord injuries.

Takashi Fuzawa, Tokyo Spinal Cord Injury Support Group Chairman (C-4 spinal cord injury)
Comments from other users:
"This is the first time that I can eat without assistance since my accident." - Spinal cord injury
"My family used to eat after I finished because I needed their help to eat. With My Spoon, we can all eat together and enjoy a conversation too!" - Spinal cord injury
"I've always felt awkward asking my caregiver about eating candy and snacks, but My Spoon allows me to eat whenever I want." - Spinal cord injury
"I want to continue using My Spoon because I without any help." - Rheumatoid arthritis
"I can eat in a more comfortable position now." - Muscular dystrophy
Expert Feedback
My Spoon was developed to support those who require assistance to eat. It can be said that eating is the most basic element for social independence. By being able to eat on their own, these users regain confidence, hopefully to play a larger role in society. Also, by using My Spoon, instead of being cared for by their family, it becomes possible to join the family during meals and also for snacks and candy. I expect that there are many other ways that this robot can be used.

Akira Terashima
Director of Department of Welfare of Physically Disabled Persons
Research Institute of National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled.
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