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Frequently Asked Questions
General questions
Q:When did research and development start?

A:Research and development started in 1991.

Q:Is it possible to attach another type of manipulator for use as something other than a meal-assistance robot?

A:No. The arm was designed to carry a maximum weight of 50 grams so it would be difficult to use the arm for another purpose.

Q:Do I have to use the supplied tray?

A:Yes. My Spoon will only work with the SECOM supplied tray. The movement of the spoon is optimized for this tray and usage of another tray may result in unsatisfactory performance when picking up food items.
Questions about safety
Q:Can the arm misbehave? What happens in that case?

A: The arm and manipulator movements are constantly monitored by the robot. If any limits are exceeded anywhere within the robot, the entire robot will automatically shut itself down.

Q:Is there any danger of the fork coming in contact with the face?

A:The manipulator is designed so that the fork does not extend past the end of the spoon. The "stop" position of the fork/spoon is configured before each meal to a position just in front of the mouth. The spoon will not contact the face as long as the user does not lean in front of the "stop" position.
If for any reason the spoon comes in contact with the face, the low power output motor ensures that the user is not injured.

Q:Can the robot get wet?

A:The robot conforms to JIS T0601-1 (Japanese Industrial Standard on Safety Standards for Electrical Medical Apparatus). It is designed so that water will not penetrate the interior of the robot, even when 200ml of water poured on the robot from a height of 5cm for 15 seconds.
Questions about types of foods
Q:Is it possible to serve soups or drinks?

A:If the soup contains meats or vegetables, they must be separated from the liquid. The solids can be placed on the tray and the liquids in the cup to be sipped through a straw.

Q:Is it possible to eat something soft such as tofu?

A:Yes, it is possible to eat soft foods like tofu without crushing it.

Q:Is it possible to eat foods like curry and rice or stew and rice?

A:Yes. However the manipulator is designed to "scoop" therefore the curry or stew should be poured on top of or mixed with the rice.

Q:Can the robot cut foods like steak?

A:No. It is necessary to cut foods into bite-size pieces first.

Q:How much can each food item weight?

A:Up to 50 grams. Since the food is already in bite-sized pieces, this should not pose much of an restriction.
Questions concerning the controller
Q:Can some form of voice recognition be used to control the robot?

A:No. Voice recognition can be difficult to use, especially when there is some food already in the mouth.