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Meal-assistance Robot My Spoon
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Allows eating with only minimal help from a caregiver.
My Spoon TM
Usable with almost all types of everyday foods. No special food packets required.
Flexibly tailored for specific types of disabilities with interchangeable controllers.
Who can use My Spoon?
My Spoon cannot be used if any of the following conditions are met:

Problems with chewing and/or swallowing.
Motor control problems such as moving their head towards the spoon, operating a joystick or pressing a button.
Problems maintaining upright posture (more than 60 degrees from horizontal) for an extended amount of time, even with the use of a belt or other mechanism to help maintain posture.
Problems seeing the My Spoon arm.
Problems understanding how to operate My Spoon.
Research and development was partially funded by the Association of Technical Aids.
Dimensions : 28cm(W) x 37cm(D) x 25cm(H) (Base unit only, dimensions when stored)
Weight : 6kg (Base unit only, no attachments)
Maximum power usage : 30W (Japanese model)
Power supply : AC100V (50/60Hz) (Japanese model)
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