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Security Products

Special rates are applied for SECOM HOME SECURITY subscribers


Home Pythagoras 50

External Dimensions: 720(H) x 560 (W) x 590 (D) mm
Weight: Approx. 170 kg
Volume: Approx. 55L(The depth includes handle protrusion.)

Home Pythagoras 20

External Dimensions: 465(H) x 560 (W) x 590 (D) mm
Weight: Approx. 130 kg
Volume: Approx. 24L(The depth includes handle protrusion.)

Pythagoras CABI

External Dimensions: 448(H) x 474 (W) x 500 (D) mm
Weight: Approx. 70 kg
Volume: Approx. 30L

Products Standard Retail Price
with cylinder lock with ten-key lock
Home Pythagoras 50 ¥108,900 (tax included) ¥132,000 (tax included)
Home Pythagoras 20 ¥83,600 (tax included) ¥106,700 (tax included)
Pythagoras CABI ¥100,100 (tax included) -
* Shipping cost for a home safe(excluding Okinawa and outlying islands); ¥27,500 (tax included).
   Extra charges may apply depending on the day of delivery and installation method.
* Optional items are not included in the prices.

Fire extinction


Automatic temperature sensing of stove fire
The liquid fire-extinguishing agent is emitted as a spray to put out the fire in seconds.

Can be installed on cooking range hoods of width 600 mm, 750 mm and 900 mm by using adjustable fittings.

* May not be possible to install on some cooking ranges.
* Do not use at commercial kitchen. TOMAHAWK JET ALFA is designed for using at ordinary residential kitchen.
* Do not use and/or install at any other places except cooking range hoods.
* To prevent a secondary disaster, only use with stoves with burner safety devices.

Standard retail price ¥35,750 (tax included)

Home Fire Sensor

Detects smoke and heat, and indicates the presence of fire with alarm sound and red lamp.
As this product is battery operated, no wiring is required, allowing for an easy installation for anyone. (Powered by lithium batteries with lifetimes of approximately 10 years.)
The support that only SECOM can offer is available with the sensor, such as a 24-hour, 365-day response to failures and other problems and a 10-year warranty after delivery.
* These are stand-alone residential fire alarms that do not need to be connected online to SECOM HOME SECURITY.

Home Fire Sensor (Smoke sensor)

External Dimensions: 82 (Diameter) x 39 (Thickness) mm

Standard retail price ¥5,170 (tax included)
Installation ¥11,000 for up to 7 units (tax included)

Home Fire Sensor (Heat sensor)

External Dimensions: 98 (Diameter) x 45 (Thickness) mm

Standard retail price ¥5,170 (tax included)
Installation ¥11,000 for up to 7 units (tax included)
* Conforms to the Fire Defense Law.

Safe evacuation

Strong Door

A reinforced steel door that is strong against opening or destruction from the outside
Installed at the entrance for the bedroom or other room, it assures a safe space for your security in the event of an emergency (a panic room). (For indoor use)


  • Highly resistant to destruction owing to 4-way 6-doorbolt construction
  • Standard door scope installation, enabling you to check on circumstances outside the door
  • Sensor installed in the frame detects cutting/removal abnormality.
* Only available to customers with SECOM HOME SECURITY contract.