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Q1:Who are Beat Engineers?

Beat Engineers are safety professionals who have received SECOM's own education and training in addition to those required by the Law. We are fostering and developing excellent personnel by providing our-own, unique training based on our accumulated know-how at our training center.

Q2:Why do you need our emergency contact?

When we receive an alarm signal at the control center while you are out, depending on the situation of your home, we may urgently need to contact you. Also, in case we are not able to get hold of you, we need to contact someone you designated as your deputy. This is why we ask you to give us at least 3 phone numbers.

Q3:Are your services available everywhere in Japan?

Our service is available almost everywhere in Japan, except some isolated islands and mountainous regions.

Q4:Is the operation easy, even for seniors and children?

Yes. All you need to do when you go out is to insert the SECOM key into the controller and pull it out. When you go to bed, just push a button to guard your home. Since the SECOM system offers a voice-guided operation, it is easy for seniors and children to operate.

Q5:In the case of an emergency, how long does SECOM take to get to the scene?

Since how long it takes us to get to an emergency scene largely depends on uncertain conditions such as the traffic conditions at the time, we cannot specify the time needed for our emergency response. However, please note that SECOM has about 2,700 emergency dispatch centers throughout Japan, the largest in the country, and we get to the scene as quickly as possible from the nearest center.

Q6:If there were a security problem at my house while I am out, how would SECOM handle the problem?

A SECOM security professional will go to your house and check the situation.If necessary, we enter your house and check the inside, and SECOM will take proper actions depending on the situation. Also, when we find a sign of intrusion into your house or when there is a fire, we will contact you and authority concerned such as the police, if necessary, at one of the emergency contact numbers previously provided by you. We ask you to entrust us with two sets of keys to your house so we can enter your house when necessary. We consider these keys as our customers' assets and place them under strict control such as storing them in sealed key boxes.

Q7:Why is your monthly charge so different between a rental and a purchase plan?

While the monthly contract charge for a rental plan includes the rental charge of the equipment on top of the monthly on-line contract charge, a purchase plan does not have the equipment rental charge. That is why the monthly charge for a purchase plan is cheaper than a rental plan.

Q8:What is the security deposit for? (For a rental plan only)

The contract period for SECOM Home Security is initially for five years, and is automatically renewed every year. We ask for a security deposit of 20,000 yen for fulfilling the contract and for renting the security equipment during the contract period. At the expiration of the contract, the security deposit will be refunded to you in full (with no interest). However, please note that the security deposit will not be refunded if the contract is terminated before its expiry.

Q9:Who will be responsible for the cost of repairs of the equipment?

Since the rental contract rate includes the maintenance and repair costs of the equipment, we will conduct maintenance and repairs free of charge. When the equipment is purchased, our on-line contract includes free repairs for the first 10 years.

Q10:If we suffer any loss or damage while having the home security contract with you, will there be any compensation?

We automatically insure you to cover loss by theft that compensates up to 500,000 yen for a loss of cash and precious metal and up to 2,000,000 yen for the loss of household goods, as well as a disaster relief that pays up to 1,000,000 yen in 100,000-yen units.

Q11:Is there a charge for each response?

No. There is no extra charge.
Emergency response charges are included in the monthly contract amount for both rental and purchase plans.

Q12:Tell me about the contract period and renewal process for a rental contract.

The rental contract period is initially for 5 years, and is automatically renewed every year. If you want to terminate your contract upon expiry, please inform us in writing no later than 3 months prior to the expiry date. It is not necessary to apply for renewal, or to pay an extra charge for renewal.

Q13:How do I pay for your charges?

Our charges are withdrawn from your bank account. You can choose a payment frequency of every month, three months, or six months. For a rental contract, we offer a discount of 200 yen for a payment frequency of every three months and 500 yen for six months.

Q14:Who is the manufacturer of your equipment?

Every process of SECOM's services is under our direct management and control to pursue its quality. Our equipment is manufactured by SECOM Industries Co., Ltd., a group company and others.

Q15:Will the system continue to work during a power outage?

SECOM Home Security is equipped with a built-in ancillary battery in order to continue operating for a limited time during a power outage. If the power outage lasts for a long time and the battery becomes low, the system automatically notifies SECOM so that we can respond to an emergency.

Q16:Can an alarm signal be sent to you even when our telephone line is disconnected?

In order to counter a crime being committed after disconnecting a telephone line, we offer gdisconnection monitor functionh as an option that enables the control center to watch out for disconnection of your telephone line at all times. Even when you do not have this function, if we cannot confirm a signal reception from you for a certain period of time, we contact you to check on the situation.

Q17:How long does it take to install the equipment after the contract is executed?

Normally, the installation starts in approximately one week after the contract is executed. If you would like our system sooner than this, we will try our best to install it as soon as possible. (In the case of a new building, we will coordinate with its construction schedule.)

Q18:How long does the installation take?

It normally takes one day.

Q19:Would the installation of equipment spoil the interior with wiring, etc.?

When the equipment is introduced in a new building, the equipment can be installed without spoiling the interior since the wiring can be hidden. Even in the case of an existing house, while a transmitter needs to be installed, it is not necessary to wire all around your house since all the sensors are wireless. As such, the wiring would be minimal and it will not spoil the look of your house.

Q21:Is it possible to install the equipment by myself?

The installation of SECOM Home Security is carried out by our group company, SECOM Techno Service Co., Ltd., or by a designated contractor who has passed SECOM's own standards. After the installation, SECOM Techno Service Co., Ltd. inspects the installation, and then the system needs to pass the test/check by SECOM before the security system can be activated. We believe that taking responsibility for all aspects of our services from manufacturing and installing the equipment to providing the actual services is the best way to reassure our customers.