2. Personal Services

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Please contact us in English.

Residential Security SECOM

Tel.03-5775-8705 9:00AM-6:00PM, except Sat,Sun,holidays

Please call the following number when the number above is not available.
Tel. 03-3306-2418

Inquiry form Especially in the metropolitan area, We have a sales team solely specialized for foreigners.

We offer free estimates.


Easy and prompt procedure.
Process from enquiry to activating the service.

Estimate We will visit you at your convenience to give an explanation and cost estimate.
Application If our terms and conditions are acceptable, please fill in the application form and sign it. At this time, please register your emergency contacts.
Installation Usually, installation will be completed within a day . Our registered builder, who has passed our strict standards, will visit your home.
Activating the service After the installation is completed, we will explain the details of how to use it so that you will be able to commence use immediately.