2. Personal Services
SECOM presents Total Quality Control

The top security service in the country that also provides full English language support

SECOM was the first security company in Japan, and provides its services to the largest number of corporate and individual clients. In Japan, SECOM is synonymous with security service and we provide the "SECOM brand" on-line security systems with emergency response in 13 countries and territories, including Asia, Europe and Oceania.
SECOM conducts consistent management from research and development to manufacturing of equipment, installation work, monitoring, and emergency measures by security guards, to provide top quality service. This is a business model we are proud of.

We provide our services in English anytime, 24/7.

24 hour inquiry services in English.

Especially in the metropolitan area,We have a sales team solely specialized for foreigners.
Our English based control device and manual are easy to follow.

Please contact us in English.


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