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Initiatives for Supporting Sports

Through sponsoring in sporting events, SECOM contributes to the growth of those events and cooperates in security elements which enable events to be held and operated safely and securely.

Sports competitions which are held safely and securely provide excitement and happiness to countless people. In the early days of our company, SECOM provided security services for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Since then, we have contributed to the holding and operation of many sports competitions.

Moving forward, in addition to working to take part in the improvement of security for sports competitions, we will contribute to the growth of sports by participating in a variety of sporting events.

Yoichi Sugimoto
Executive Officer
Manager, Tokyo 2020 Promotion Department

An Official Partner (Security Services and Planning Category) of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Still in our infancy, in 1964 we provided security services for the Olympic Village at the Tokyo 1964 Games, earning high marks and the trust of society.

We look forward to helping ensure the safety and security of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and will continue working to create innovative services that will help us achieve this goal.

Establishment of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Security Consortium and appointment as a joint representative

On April 2018, in order to contribute to the safety and peace of mind of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 (hereinafter, “Tokyo 2020 Games”), SECOM participated in the establishment of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Security Consortium (hereinafter, “Tokyo 2020 Security Consortium”) and was appointed as a joint representative.

As an Official Partner of the Tokyo 2020 Games, SECOM engaged in continual discussion with organizations such as the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in regards to the security system necessary for a successful Tokyo 2020 Games. As a result of these discussions, in addition to two partner companies in the category of “Security Services and Planning,” it was decided that the best structure would be an “All-Japan System” with participation from numerous other security companies. The decision was made to push forward towards successful Games through a consortium system.

SECOM was established in 1962 as Japan’s first security company. Two years later, our company handled security for the Tokyo 1964 Games. Our performance at the Tokyo 1964 Games helped us expand dramatically and has led to our growth today. At the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games, SECOM seeks to show our gratitude for the opportunity that we received in 1964. In addition to thoroughly fulfilling our role as a joint representative of the Tokyo 2020 Security Consortium, we will strive to contribute to the success of safe and secure Games with industry members united.

Appointed as a joint representative of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Security Consortium

SECOM will cooperate with other security companies to achieve safe Games through an “All-Japan/One-Team” system

Sponsorship of long-distance running events (marathons, ekidens)

SECOM sponsors long-distance running events such as the Hakone Ekiden (Tokyo-Hakone Intercollegiate Ekiden) and Tokyo Marathon. Normal roads are used as the courses for these long-distance running events and the roadside is lined with huge numbers of fans, which requires secure operation. At the Hakone Ekiden, a total of more than 1,000 full-time static guards were positioned for all sections of the race.

SECOM was also an official partner for the Tokyo Marathon 2018. Our company deployed our vehicle-mounted monitoring station “On-Site Center,” which collected images from wearable cameras worn by security guards and various types of security cameras installed along the course are managed and analyzed. Furthermore, prior to the event, we used “SECOM 3D Security Planning,” utilizing spatial information in proposing seamless security plans for contributing to safety and secure event.

SECOM handled course security at the Hakone Ekiden

SECOM provided various types of advanced security measures for the Tokyo Marathon

Sponsorship of rugby

SECOM supports Japan national rugby team as an official partner. We have supported activities by the women’s national teams (15s and 7s) since fiscal 2014 and the men’s national teams (15s and 7s) since fiscal 2016.

Also, since 2015, SECOM has been an official team sponsor of the Sunwolves, a Japanese rugby team that competes in the Super Rugby, the world’s top rugby league.

Members of Japan national rugby team

Participation as an Official Sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019™, Japan

In October 2017, SECOM was designated as an Official Sponsor (Total Security Services) of 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan will be held from 20 September, 2019 to 02 November, 2019 in twelve cities throughout Japan. As the world’s top rugby tournament, the Rugby World Cup will be held for the ninth time and for the first time in Asia.

By utilizing security expertise that we have gained by participating in past sporting events, SECOM will support safe operation of 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

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