f Initiatives for Disaster Support|Topics 2018|SECOM: SECOM CO., LTD. provides crime-prevention, security, and home security -Providing society with trusted peace of mind-

Initiatives for Disaster Support|Topics 2018|SECOM: SECOM CO., LTD. provides crime-prevention, security, and home security -Providing society with trusted peace of mind-

Initiatives for Disaster Support

In response to regions affected by wide-area disasters such as earthquakes and torrential rains, we utilize the technological capability and expertise of the SECOM Group to support reconstruction and recovery while cooperating with government agencies, volunteer groups, etc.

SECOM’s disaster support started around when we established our business continuity plan (BCP) in order to provide customers with seamless services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Moving forward, we will expand our activities in the form of regional BCP through cooperation with local governments.

Osamu Ueda
Executive Officer
Manager, Planning Department

Support for disaster areas affected by the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018

SECOM provided donations and relief supplies to areas affected by the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018, which mainly occurred in western Japan.

SECOM provided a total of 10 million yen of donations—3 million yen to each of Okayama Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Ehime Prefecture, regions which were particularly devastated by the rains, and 1 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support other disaster regions. As for relief supplies, through Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT), SECOM Disaster Support Project, which helps in the event of wide-area disasters as one of our social contribution activities, provided 60 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to be prepared for medical emergencies at shelters.

Furthermore, through the Japan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (JVOAD), we provide monitoring support using SECOM My Doctor Watch in order to perform safety management for heatstroke and other risks to disaster volunteer leaders who provide support to disaster areas.

Former President Yasuo Nakayama (Currently Chairman)(left) presents donations to Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki (right) of Hiroshima Prefecture

SECOM AED Package Service

Pasco Corporation perform emergency photography for the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018

In response to the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018, Pasco Corporation utilized its satellites, aircraft, and other equipment to perform emergency disaster photography from the perspective of accurately assessing the damage status and providing information to related groups.

Emergency photography (observation) using satellites (earth observation satellites) makes it possible to ascertain the damage status over a wide area. Aerial photography can be used to confirm even more detailed conditions.

In the event of large-scale natural disasters, Pasco performs emergency disaster photography in order to quickly assess current conditions and contribute to recovery/reconstruction. Based on the expertise of Pasco’s disaster-preparedness engineers and satellite image analysis engineers, the company conducts unique analysis of the photographs.

Pasco Corporation perform emergency photography for the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018

Launch of ANSHIN Survival Pod for protection from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis

In September 2018, SECOM released ANSHIN Survival Pod for protection from disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and floods.

Disasters occur frequently throughout Japan. This makes preparation for disaster response an important social imperatives.

ANSHIN Survival Pod accommodates two people. It is designed to withstand loads up to 3 tons, thus preventing the pod from being crushed even if a building collapses. The pod also features a waterproof sealed structure. Moreover, it floats with the hatch facing upwards even if it is swept away by tsunamis or flood.

Furthermore, mobile phones and GPS terminals can be used from inside of the pod. By using COCO-SECOM, an optional service consisting of a location information provision system, the pod can be located and request a rescue.

ANSHIN Survival Pod

Development of the vehicle-mounted monitoring station “On-Site Center”

During the period from the occurrence of a large-scale disaster until recovery and reconstruction, there are a variety of security needs for fire-prevention and crime-prevention in the disaster area. In response, in August 2017, SECOM developed “On-Site Center,” a vehicle-mounted monitoring station capable of performing real-time information collection, information provision, and onsite directions directly in the disaster area.

The vehicle is equipped with a monitoring screen that displays a variety of information such as images from temporary cameras, wearable cameras, and vehicle-mounted cameras. In a disaster area, the On-Site Center takes action based on security needs required at emergency shelters and disaster-response headquarters to flexibly support the disaster area by gathering information on the frontline, issuing directions, and providing information to related organizations.

Vehicle-mounted monitoring station “On-Site Center”

A variety of information is displayed on monitors in the vehicle

Received the Grand Prize for the Japan Resilience Awards 2018

The Japan Resilience Awards 2018 were held by the Association for Resilience Japan (a general incorporated association) in March 2018. At the awards, SECOM received the Grand Prize in the “Corporate & Industrial Division.” The Japan Resilience Awards are held to recognize pioneering activities related to various forms of “resilience” implemented throughout Japan to construct a resilient society for the next generation.

In December 2016, SECOM cooperated with government agencies and volunteer groups to start the SECOM Disaster Support Project. This project provides support for disaster areas according to the actual conditions in those areas. In the Japan Resilience Awards, SECOM was highly recognized for how we to improve resilience in normal times through initiatives such as supporting employee participation in fire brigade activities and developing the vehicle-mounted monitoring station “On-Site Center.” We also received recognition for our activities aimed at long-time support for people living in evacuation shelters. Specific examples include provision and workshop of AEDs at areas affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes and heavy rains in northern Kyushu.

Awards ceremony of the Japan Resilience Awards 2018

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