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Efforts to Realize the “SECOM Group Road Map 2022”

In order to realize the road map, we are making extensive investments for the future, creating and nurturing new businesses, and expanding our existing operations to steadily promote our business strategy.

SECOM Group’s service system and performance record (as of March 31, 2019)

SECOM provides comprehensive services to address risks that threaten “safety and peace of mind” in daily life, which are: “crimes and accidents,” “cybercrimes,” “natural disasters,” and “illness and aging.”

  1. Cyber Security Team: Technical team which arrives on-site immediately to respond to threats such as information leakage and virus infection.
  2. Cyber Dojo: Training program for practical study using actual computers to experience techniques used in cyber-attacks.


Demand for “relying on someone”

For businesses

Developed the world's first Virtual Security System that uses AI to provide security and reception services

In April 2019, SECOM, AGC Inc., Ltd., DeNA Co Ltd, and NTT Docomo Inc. announced the development of a prototype of the world's first*1 Virtual Security System that can provide security and reception services such as alarm surveillance using AI.

Japanese society is facing a serious labor shortage. Although needs for security are increasing, there is a mismatch in terms of the available human resources, with the ratio of job offers to applicants reaching approximately 9 times*2 in the security industry.

The Virtual Security System provides a virtual security guard displayed as a 3D model on a mirror display projected in real spaces to deliver security services that were previously provided by static guards such as security monitoring and reception. When combined with the skills of professional static guards to deal with situations and provide emergency response, the Virtual Security System delivers a new model for security services.

By enhancing the capabilities of people with the latest technology, we can improve the efficiency of placement of static guards and strengthen security including reception at manned facilities while keeping costs down. In this way, we can respond to the needs of even more customers.

  • As of April 2019 (based on SECOM research)
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare “Employment Referrals for General Workers (January 2019)”

Virtual Security System

Launched SECOM Robot X2 autonomous patrol robot

Since June 2019, we have begun providing services at Narita International Airport as the first contractor for the SECOM Robot X2 autonomous patrol robot.

The SECOM Robot X2 patrol robot further evolves the functions of SECOM Robot X, which was launched in October 2005. It autonomously travels the patrol route in the site while identifying its own position with a laser sensor, and monitors images in various places with the built-in camera. After patrolling, it also stops at the specified point and monitors the surroundings.

The upper part of the robot features an arm equipped with an infrared sensor, thermal image sensor, and metal detector, enabling it to inspect abandoned objects found during patrols and trash cans placed on the route.

Going forward, in addition to full-time static guards, SECOM Robot X2 will take part in operations such as patrol and monitoring services, providing a higher level of security that combines the power of humans and robots to improve efficiency in security.

SECOM Robot X2

Successful demonstration of stadium security using a smart drone capable of detecting people

In cooperation with Saitama Stadium 2002, KDDI Corporation, Terra Drone Corp., and SECOM completed a successful demonstration test of wide-area security in the stadium using smart drones*1 that are compatible with the mobile communication network (4G LTE) and feature human detection functions. This was the first successful demonstration in Japan*2.

In the demonstration test, the high-altitude wide-area surveillance drone automatically detected a suspicious person in real time using an AI-based human detection function and identified the person's location. Furthermore, when operational management instructions linked to the map are given, another drone patrolling at a low altitude is automatically dispatched to the suspicious person, and a warning is sent to the operations center. In this experiment, in order to realize real-time detection of suspicious persons, AI was installed in each drone for processing.

In carrying out this demonstration experiment, KDDI and Terra Drone developed a new flight management system that can check 3D map information, weather and wind conditions, and airwave information around the flight area. SECOM has also defined requirements for using the flight management system for security purpose.

In addition to security, the development of AI and the new flight management system will enable the system to be used in other areas where drones can be beneficial, such as equipment inspections and disaster response.

  • A drone that can operate safely over longer distances by using KDDI's communication network.
  • Based on SECOM research on December 18, 2018. Drone-based remote security equipped with AI and compatible with mobile communication networks.

Drone over the stadium

Full-scale deployment of labor-saving operation of static guards in cooperation with AEON Delight

In April 2018, SECOM agreed to cooperate with Aeon Delight Co., Ltd. to construct a new business model for facility management. Aeon Delight handles facilities management and security services in the Aeon Group.

Due to labor shortages and rising labor costs, improving the effectiveness of human resources and productivity has become an important theme in businesses such as security, equipment management, and cleaning for managing facilities.

We have started the following activities as a first step for achieving construction of a new business model that supports “safety, peace of mind, comfort and convenience” of the community and resolves social imperatives:

  • Achieve reduced labor and un-manned operation in management and operation of large facilities
  • Develop one-stop services for small- and mid-sized facilities
  • Partnership aimed at developing customers
  • Overseas partnerships

We will continue to create platforms that contribute to sustainable growth of society.

Static guards at Aeon Delight Co., Ltd.

Launched SECOM Supply Chain Security Select, a support service for acquiring security certification for logistics facility

In June 2018, we launched SECOM Supply Chain Security Select to provide comprehensive support for everything from strengthening physical security capabilities to obtaining certificates that represent an objective assessment of supply chain security.

As globalization continues in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important to increase the safety of supply chains, and security measures for prevention of fraud, such as pilfering of goods from cargo, are the most material issue in logistics facilities.

Based on such social imperatives, SECOM started joint research with SGS Japan Inc., the Japanese subsidiary of the SGS Group, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We cooperated to formulate the SGS Facility Security Evaluation Criteria (February 2018), which are new security guidelines of SGS Japan for supply chains.

With SECOM Supply Chain Security Select, launched in response to this initiative, we began supporting the acquisition of the SGS Facility Security Evaluation Certificate as the first step. Through this service, customers can receive comprehensive support for everything from various consultations on security measures, creation of security policies, provision of optimal security systems to support for examination preparation.

Going forward, we will gradually develop support for obtaining various certifications, etc. related to the supply chain in accordance with customer needs.

Sticker indicating SGS Facility Security Evaluation registration (left)

Launched SECOM Shift Scheduler, an automatic work shift creation service

In September 2018, Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd., a group company in the BPO and ICT services, worked together with Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd., which has the know-how of operating a restaurant chain, and the AI venture company ExaWizards Inc. to develop and launch the automatic work shift creation service SECOM Shift Scheduler.

The creation of work shifts that require consideration of various factors is a heavy burden for restaurant and retail store managers with many part-time workers.

The service automatically creates work shifts based on the staff's wishes utilizing AI developed by SECOM. Also, the AI recommendation function developed by ExaWizards based on AI and social psychology — a first in Japan — recommends the best candidate for vacant positions based on the results of skills analysis and past record of support.

These functions can reduce the time required for managers and human error when creating and adjusting work shifts, reduce physical and psychological burdens, and allow managers to be more focused on store operations and service quality improvement.

AI automatically creates work shift table

For households

Launched SECOM Senior Care Phone Service, an emergency response service for elderly people

In April 2019, we launched a new service called SECOM Senior Care Phone Service, that meets the needs of elderly people, people with chronic illnesses, and their families.

Japan has become a super-aged society that is unprecedented in the world. As the number of solitary and elderly households continues to increase in society, families living apart from their elderly relatives are becoming more interested in looking after them remotely.

In order to meet these needs, we have added a new function which allows family members to confirm safety to the emergency reports and health consultations SECOM has been providing.

While we have previously provided services for elderly people such as emergency reports and health consultations as an option of SECOM Home Security, we have now made this service available even without a SECOM Home Security contract.

SECOM Senior Care Phone Service

Launched on-line home-use package service SECOM MyAED

In December 2018, as a service to prevent sudden cardiac death at home, we launched SECOM MyAED, which is a package of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) rental service and on-line services for home use.

With SECOM MyAED, SECOM monitors equipment breakdowns and the period for replacement of consumables on-line so that the AED can be used at any time. In preparation for emergencies, emergency information including past medical history and family doctor information can be stored together with the AED, facilitating a smooth response by the emergency team.

Furthermore, in order to support the daily health management of the family, SECOM nurses will respond to health consultations over the phone at any time based on the emergency information that SECOM has received.

SECOM MyAED, an on-line package service for households

Launched SECOM Vitalook remote medical support platform

In July 2018, Secom Medical System Co., Ltd. started providing the remote medical support platform SECOM Vitalook.

Biological data (electrocardiogram, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, etc.) of home patients is constantly collected and stored in the Secure Data Center in real time. Home healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and caregivers can check the patient's status remotely.

It is also possible to issue an alert when a patient's data exceeds a set level, or to make a video call with an automatic response function. This service contributes to reducing the burden on home care doctors and improving the quality of medical care.

Remote medical support platform SECOM Vitalook

Demand for “security in connected society”

For businesses

Launched high-performance security camera system SECOM IP Camera

In June 2019, we launched SECOM IP Camera, a high-performance security camera system that brings together the security know-how developed by SECOM.

By adopting the latest image compression technology, SECOM IP Camera is able to handle high-quality video. Recorded images can be checked from the user’s computer or smartphone. A variety of cameras are available, including a compact and stylishly designed 180° camera and an omnidirectional camera as standard equipment.

In addition, by linking with the SECOM Image Cloud Service, it is not necessary to install a recorder as the video can be saved on the cloud.

Furthermore, the cameras can be connected with SECOM's on-line security systems, which enables SECOM to respond quickly in the event of an abnormality.

High-performance surveillance camera system SECOM IP Camera

Launched SECURILOCK Smart, an access control system that allows users to activate and deactivate doors with a smartphone.

In October 2018, we launched SECURILOCK Smart, an access control system that allows users to activate and deactivate doors using a smartphone app.

SECURILOCK Smart can be easily installed by simply replacing the existing thumb turn cylinder lock on the front door.

Users can set app operation rights by accessing the server in SECOM's Secure Data Center from a computer or smartphone. Operation history and lock/unlock status can also be checked from your computer.

This product eliminates the need to use keys and cards, and enables smart access control that reduces the risk of loss associated with lending and borrowing keys and cards.

SECURILOCK Smart allows users to activate and deactivate doors with a smartphone

Providing Cryptocurrency Wallet Service for physical transaction services of virtual currency (crypto assets)

SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd. launched Cryptocurrency Wallet * Service as a physical transaction service for virtual currencies (crypto assets) in June 2018.

In order for a crypto currency exchange operator that conducts transactions of tens of billions of yen on the internet to continuously operate crypto currency infrastructure built on block chain technology, secure electronic key management is essential.

SECOM Trust Systems has introduced a world-class secure wallet operation service for virtual currencies. This service is based on the know-how in secure electronic key operation cultivated through the company's operation of a robust Secure Data Center and operation of an international certification authority.

  • Wallet: A method of managing electronic keys that is essential for cryptocurrency transactions. There are various management methods such as a hot wallet that manages electronic keys online - a convenient method that allows trading at any time - and a cold wallet that manages electronic keys offline in consideration of security.

Providing the world's highest level of secure Cryptocurrency Wallet Service

For households

Launched a new SECOM Home Security service linking with the Xperia Hello! communication robot

In October 2018, SECOM launched a new style of security service by linking the Xperia Hello! communication robot from Sony Mobile Communications Inc. with SECOM Home Security.

This collaboration adds three new functions.

  • Operations such as arming and disarming the home security system by voice command
  • The current security status is shown on the display by customer voice command
  • Xperia Hello! recommends to arm the security system when returning home or before going to bed

Up to now, SECOM Home Security has been developed for protection from emergencies. But by combining the entertainment value of enjoying conversations with Xperia Hello!, communication functions that connect family members, and “gentle protection” functions such as face recognition and remote image recording, we can add entertainment and convenience to safety and peace of mind. This means we can deliver a new style of peace of mind that allows subscribers to protect their daily life seamlessly in both normal and emergency situations.

  • Xperia and Xperia Hello! are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.

Communication robot Xperia Hello! that can be linked with SECOM Home Security

SECOM signed a partnership with Sony and aims to create new services in cooperation with “aibo”

In January 2019, SECOM entered into a partnership with Sony Corporation to create a service that links the autonomous entertainment robot “aibo” and SECOM Home Security.

Sony's new “aibo policeman” function, which has been offered since February 2019, is a service based on the concept of “securitainment” (security + entertainment) that provides a sense of security in addition to fun. aibo also has a caring function that patrols the room to find family members.

Going forward, we will make use of Sony's AI robotics technology, entertainment, and SECOM's security know-how to evolve the service through means including demonstration tests of functional linkage with home security. We will continue to work on providing new services that add entertainment to safety, peace of mind, comfort and convenience.

aibo linked with SECOM Home Security


Started security services in Turkey, the 13th overseas market for our security services

In February 2019, we established a joint venture, Secom Aktif, with the leading Turkish conglomerate Calik Group, and started providing security services in Turkey.

Security services have been provided since March through the operating company, subsidiary of Secom Aktif.

With high-quality service that has been highly acclaimed around the world, we will provide safety and peace of mind to Turkey together with the Calik Group.

Established Secom Aktif as a joint venture with Turkish conglomerate, Calik Group

Strengthening AED sales in Thailand and Malaysia

We are strengthening AED sales in Thailand and Malaysia in collaboration with AED manufacturers.

In response to lifting the ban on private use of AEDs in both countries, we started to provide AED services at Thai Secom Security Co., Ltd. and Secom (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. As a result of supports such as sharing successful cases in Japan and pamphlets, the number of contracts continues to increase steadily.

We are also preparing to start selling AEDs in China and Vietnam in collaboration with AED manufacturers and local manufacturers.

AED training by staff of Thai Secom Security Co., Ltd.

Opened China Innovation Center

We established the China Innovation Center in Shanghai, China, incorporating the latest technologies such as AI and IoT, and strengthened the planning and promotion system for timely development of services that meet local needs. We will continue to develop SECOM's international business through the continuous creation of services that are ahead of the times.

[Activity Policy]

  • Creation and verification of new services
  • Collaboration with external partners
  • Service digitization

Opened China Innovation Center in Shanghai, China

Started providing new home security system in Thailand

In July 2019, Thai Secom Security Co., Ltd. launched SECOM Home Security. It uses a wireless sensor that does not require construction work and does not impair the aesthetics of the house. Security can also be set and released from a smartphone. Sales are growing steadily, especially for new units built by major local developers.

Thai home security system that can be operated from a smartphone

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