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Strategies for Creating the ANSHIN Platform Concept

Driven by SECOM’s management resources accumulated over many years, which are “human resources,” “organization,” and “technology,” the ANSHIN Platform resolves various risks within daily life.

SECOM Group’s service system and performance record (as of March 31, 2018)

SECOM provides comprehensive services to address risks that threaten “safety and peace of mind” in daily life, which are: “crimes and accidents,” “cyber crimes,” “natural disasters,” and “illness and aging.”

  1. Cyber Security Team: Technical team which arrives on-site immediately to respond to threats such as information leakage and virus infection.
  2. Cyber Dojo: Training program for practical study using actual machinery to experience techniques used in cyberattacks.

Initiatives for social imperatives based on four strategies

In order to create the ANSHIN Platform, SECOM actively implements the “All SECOM” strategy for producing synergy by aggregating the total strength of the group and the “Collaboration” strategy for partners who share SECOM’s vision.

SECOM implements the “Connection” strategy to respond to latent needs by using cutting-edge information technology and analyzing Big Data, thus strengthening relationships with society and customers. We also implement the “Enhanced value” strategy to respond to the needs of everyday concerns by adding greater value to services that provide security, thereby delivering comfort and convenience.

Through the four strategies discussed above, SECOM will continue to accelerate the creation of services and systems in response to the diversifying needs for security among customers.

All SECOM strategic initiatives

Security for Tokyo Marathon

Utilizing our unique technical ability and developmental ability, we provided security systems for the 2018 Tokyo Marathon held in February 2018. SECOM supported management and operation of the marathon with safety and peace of mind.

Our security plan proposal utilized SECOM 3D Security Planning, a technology which we jointly developed with PASCO Corporation, to predict risks using high-precision 3D maps.

Furthermore, we used our vehicle-mounted monitoring station, “On-Site Center,” for real-time collection of information and confirmation of conditions, thus providing fast on-site support. We also provided revolutionary security systems such as an image recognition system utilizing AI to detect trespassing on the marathon course and to analyze crowd conditions.

Utilizing AI to detect trespassers

Establishment of the “Project to Promote Use of AI/IoT”

In June 2017, we established the “Project to Promote Use of AI/IoT” as a core department for resolving internal and external imperatives by utilizing new technology such as AI and IoT. The project formulates and promotes medium-term plans for further improving productivity; for example, using the latest technology to reconstruct system infrastructure that supports operation/control systems of the SECOM Group.

In May 2018, we held an in-house exhibition for the SECOM Group in order to provide matching of latest technology. SECOM is working to reduce labor and improve business efficiency within our group.

In-house exhibition for introducing problem-solving solutions within the SECOM Group

Incorporating AI into our Real-Time Disaster Information Services

From 2013, we have provided the Real-Time Disaster Information Services which aggregate unique information held by the Group and information from SNS and public organizations in order to achieve timely distribution of highly-accurate information that is extremely useful at the time of disasters.

In April 2018, Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd., a group company handling the BPO and ICT businesses, incorporated AI into our Real-Time Disaster Information Services. This AI is highly precise at extracting relevant information from the enormous amount of information on fires posted to SNS. This reduces the amount of work required to confirm information by about 90% and enables efficient distribution of disaster information.

Collaboration initiatives

Cooperating with Aeon Delight to construct a business model to support local communities

In April 2018, SECOM agreed to cooperate with Aeon Delight Co., Ltd. to construct a new business model for facility management. Aeon Delight handles facilities management and security services in the Aeon Group.

Due to labor shortages and rising labor costs, improving the effectiveness and productivity of human resources has become an important theme in business activities such as security, equipment management, and cleaning for management of facilities.

SECOM has started the following activities as a first step for achieving construction of a new business model that supports “safety, peace of mind, comfort and convenience” of the region and resolves social imperatives:

  • Achieve reduced labor and full automation in management/operation of large facilities
  • Develop one-stop services for small- and mid-sized facilities
  • Partnership aimed at developing customers
  • Overseas partnerships

SECOM will continue to create platforms that contribute to sustainable growth of society.

Full-time security guards at Aeon Delight Co., Ltd.

Business partnership with Haier Co., Ltd., a Chinese home appliance manufacturer

In May 2017, SECOM entered a strategic partner with Haier Co., Ltd., which has headquarters located in Qingdao, China. The partnership seeks expansion in the Chinese home security market. By utilizing SECOM’s high-quality security services and Haier’s sales ability in the luxury condominium and housing market, the two companies conduct joint development of products, etc., and provide safety to homes in China.

Seeking to develop the home security market in China

Cooperating with the SGS Group for supply chain security measures

As globalization continues in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important to increase the safety of supply chains which support life in society. In particular, distribution facilities are prone to be targeted for crimes both in Japan and overseas. At such facilities, the top-priority issue is to control risks such as pilfering of goods from cargo, secret swapping, being mixed with other goods, removal from facilities, or having foreign objects mixed into shipments of goods.

In February 2018, based on such social imperatives, SECOM started joint research with SGS Japan Inc. SGS Japan is the Japanese subsidiary of the SGS Group, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We cooperated to formulate the SGS Facility Security Evaluation Criteria, which are new security guidelines of SGS Japan for supply chains.

The SGS Facility Security Evaluation Criteria are versatile criteria which have standardized physical security measures for facilities that should be taken by supply chain vendors in order to reduce risk. By acquiring an SGS Facility Security Evaluation Certificate as proof of compliance with these criteria, vendors can objectively advertise the safety of their facilities to business partners.

In June 2018, we established SECOM Supply Chain Security Select to provide comprehensive support for everything from assistance in strengthening physical security capabilities to obtaining certificates that represent an objective assessment of supply chain security.

Cooperation in formulating new security criteria for supply chains

Connection initiatives

Release of SECOM Home Security NEO—a new form of home security

In July 2017, we released SECOM Home Security NEO (hereinafter, “NEO”).

NEO offers improved convenience. For example, the remote control to operate the security system is now a compact tabletop device. Furthermore, using the SECOM Home Security App makes it possible to perform operations such as setting and disabling the security system via your smartphone when outside your home.

NEO can also be linked with IoT devices to facilitate a variety of services that deliver safety, peace of mind, comfort and convenience, as can be seen in first installment of SECOM My Doctor Watch.

SECOM Home Security NEO adapts flexibly to your lifestyle

Release of SECOM My Doctor Watch, a service for healthcare and emergency response via a wristband device

In July 2017, we released SECOM My Doctor Watch as an optional service of SECOM Home Security. In addition to monitoring personal health and safety when outside the home, it detects falls if the wearer suddenly loses consciousness and automatically sends emergency notification to SECOM.

My Doctor Watch also has a new health management function in response to concerns for elderly households and awareness for health promotion. Based on the amount of activity by the wearer, the watch perform a health check in the three categories of “walk,” “sleep,” and “nutrition.” Then, via a smartphone, the function provides advice for overall lifestyle improvement. The healthcare function utilizes AI technology and results from research on lifelog measurement/analysis by Hitachi, Ltd.

SECOM My Doctor Watch

SECOM My Doctor Watch

Release of SECOM ANSHIN Home Delivery Box for receiving packages with peace of mind even when away from home

In December 2017, we released SECOM ANSHIN Home Delivery Box, an optional service which can be linked with SECOM Home Security.

If the door of the delivery box is pried open when a package is stored inside, SECOM's emergency response will be taken. There is also a function for sending a notification to the customer’s smartphone when a package has been placed in the home delivery box.

As online shopping continues to grow, SECOM ANSHIN Home Delivery Box helps solve the issue of increasing redelivery of packages due to the recipient not being home.

SECOM <i>ANSHIN</i> Home Delivery Box

SECOM ANSHIN Home Delivery Box

Enhanced Value initiatives

Welcoming TMJ Inc. to our group to strengthen BPO services

In October 2017, we acquired TMJ, which boasts extensive experience and know-how in the provision of high-grade contact center and other BPO services for leading financial institutions and other customers. Looking ahead, we will capitalize on our robust operating foundation, which reflects our experience and know-how in the provision of around-the-clock services, position as one of Japan's largest providers of data center services and capabilities in the strategic use of data, as well as to capitalize on TMJ's extensive experience and proficiency to extend efficient BPO services.

A TMJ contact center

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