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The ANSHIN Platform Concept

The ANSHIN Platform provides peace of mind to daily life and society

The ANSHIN Platform is a service platform anchored in the relationship of trust that SECOM has cultivated with society. Created in collaboration with industrial, governmental and academic partners who share SECOM’s philosophy, this platform is designed to provide peace of mind in everyday lives, as well as society as a whole.

SECOM will capitalize on the ANSHIN Platform to alleviate problems and resolve concerns through the seamless provision of services tailored to evolving social imperatives.

The ANSHIN Platform will also further reinforce SECOM’s relationships with customers and society.

Features of the ANSHIN Platform (1/3)

Provide services anytime, anywhere

Peace of mind, whenever and wherever necessary.
Provide “peace of mind, whenever and wherever necessary”—including at home, when driving your car, outdoors, and on vacation.

Features of the ANSHIN Platform (2/3)

Provide optimal services tailored to individual customer needs

Peace of mind, for anyone and everyone.
Provide “peace of mind, for anyone and everyone”—for men and women of all ages, family members and people living alone.

Features of the ANSHIN Platform (3/3)

Provide seamless service focusing on peace of mind

Peace of mind, seamlessly.
Through SECOM’s ANSHIN flow, we provide “peace of mind, seamlessly” for various risks in daily life.

Strategies for achieving the ANSHIN Platform concept

SECOM will achieve the ANSHIN Platform concept through four strategies: ALL SECOM strategy, Collaboration (Co-creation) strategy, Connection strategy, and Enhanced value strategy.

Growth projection

By achieving the ANSHIN Platform concept, SECOM seeks to grow sustainably together with society.

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