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Global Expansion

In addition to our security services, SECOM operates fire protection services, medical services, and geospatial information services overseas and provides safety and peace of mind in 18 countries and territories. By offering regional-based services in response to the heightening need for security overseas, SECOM seeks to make the word ANSHIN a universal term used throughout the world.

Secom plc (the United Kingdom) won the CCTV System of the Year Award

At the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2017* held in November 2017 in the UK, our subsidiary Secom plc won the CCTV System of the Year Award for our ROGUES system. Developed by Secom plc, this new security camera service fuses crime analysis and image monitoring.

The superiority of SECOM’s security system utilizing our expertise in security cameras is highly recognized in the UK, which is noteworthy because the UK possesses a long history and tradition in the security field, with the country having installed several million security cameras across the country.

  • Security and Fire Excellence Awards: Annually held, the largest awards in the security and fire-protection industries in the UK. Held by organizations including the British Security Industry Association, Chief Constables' Council, and various industries journals.

Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2017 Ceremony

Control center operated by Secom plc (the UK)

Succeeded in first overseas operation of a SECOM Aerostat in Myanmar

Myanmar Secom Co., Ltd., our group company in Myanmar, operated a SECOM Aerostat at the 14th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention held in September 2017. It was the first time that a security balloon had been operated in Myanmar and the first overseas balloon operation by the SECOM Group. In addition to providing warnings from the sky, the balloon linked with full-time ground security and temporary security cameras at the convention, and provided safety and peace of mind to the convention.

  • World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention: Founded in 1991, held once every two years for a purpose of interaction among Chinese merchants and the financial industry/citizens in the host country.

First SECOM Aerostat operated overseas

Full-time static guard of Myanmar Secom Co., Ltd.

First overseas flight of SECOM Drone in Taiwan

As a parallel event of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2017 held in September 2017, a demonstration flight of SECOM Drone was held in a showroom by Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd., a group company in Taiwan.

  • World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT): An international congress held to promote application and growth of the IT industry.

SECOM Drone had its first overseas flight

SECOM Drone pursues suspicious individuals

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