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SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow and Implementation Examples


The ANSHIN Platform is a service platform anchored in the relationship of trust that SECOM has cultivated with society. Created in collaboration with partners who share SECOM’s philosophy, this platform is designed to provide peace of mind in everyday lives, as well as society as a whole.

SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow achieves one of the features of the ANSHIN Platform, “peace of mind, seamlessly.”

There is a possibility of suffering significant damages if you fail to thoroughly prepare for the risks of “crimes and accidents,” “cyber crimes,” “natural disasters,” and “illness and aging,” which threaten life, health, property, information, and other valuable assets.

However, people can live with peace of mind when the four steps are fulfilled: engaging in “advance preparation” towards these risks, “grasping the situation” and “minimizing damage” in the event of an emergency, and performing “post-disaster restoration.”

SECOM has defined these four elements as SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow. We constantly improve our services for providing seamless peace of mind for all kinds of risks.

Eliminating “unexpected” events

The sort of ordinary, uneventful life we tend to think of as natural depends on safety and peace of mind. Crimes, accidents, disasters, and illnesses happen when least expected. Making sure that you will be okay even in the event of misfortune is key to peace of mind.

If no preparations have been taken, you will feed a vague sense on uneasiness. If something unexpected were to happen, that person will suffer the worst possible damages and returning to normal daily life will take a long time. SECOM's ANSHIN Flow is a framework which utilizes the risk management and security expertise which SECOM has accumulated over many years of business. By using this framework to prepare during normal times, it is possible to minimize the risk of the "unexpected" and to return to normal daily life in the shortest time possible.

Seeking to complete SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow

SECOM seeks to cover all fields in the framework of SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow and to improve quality of services for each individual field. This will enable us to provide society with the comprehensive "safety and peace of mind" that is unique to SECOM. This will also lead to the creation of the ANSHIN Platform that is raised in our Vision for 2030.

Moving forward, SECOM will continue to provide the comprehensive and integrated “safety and peace of mind” that is unique to our company.

Implementation examples for SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow

One of SECOM’s many strengths is that we provide one-stop response for “advance preparation,” “grasping the situation,” “minimizing damage,” and “post-disaster restoration.” For example, through the following types of services, we provide seamless security to families throughout the four processes. In the future, we will enhance services for embodying SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow.

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