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SECOM’s Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy and Sustainable Management

SECOM’s Philosophy has been passed down through generations of employees since our establishment.

Combining the strength of all our employees is essential for realizing SECOM’s goal of achieving a society in which anyone can live with safety, peace of mind, comfort, and convenience, whenever and wherever. Our corporate philosophy and the basic principles of our business play major roles in accomplishing this goal.

SECOM’s fundamental philosophy of “conducting business beneficial to society” is based on recognition of “the importance of mutual sustainable growth for corporations and society,” which serves as the foundation of our sustainable management.

SECOM’s Basic Philosophy

The Constitutions of SECOM Group in Business and Management

The basis for all decisions by the Company is SECOM’s fundamental philosophy of “conducting business beneficial to society.” We have defined operation policies that must be followed by the SECOM Group.

SECOM’s Ten Fundamental Management Policies

Based on “The Constitutions of SECOM Group in Business and Management” we have defined our ideal attitude and ways of thinking as basic policies for our business to constantly maintain an innovative organizational culture, and to continually exist as a clear and transparent business entity with the aim of realizing the Social System Industry vision.

SECOM’s Principles

Based on SECOM’s principles of conduct which the Company has refined since our founding in 1962, we have defined shared principles for achieving the growth of the SECOM Group and the human growth of our employees.

SECOM Group Code of Employee Conduct

In addition to “The Constitutions of SECOM Group in Business and Management,” and “SECOM’s Principles,” we have established universal compliance principles which are effective in any era. “The SECOM Group Employee Code of Conduct” defines the ideal attitude of all employees in the SECOM Group and compliance concepts which are the foundation for all types of operations, as well as principles for relationships between society, customers, suppliers, etc., and specific behavioral standards that require compliance.

Sharing principles through SECOM’s Philosophy

All employees receive the handbook “SECOM’s Philosophy,” which has been refined as the fundamental concepts since our founding, ideal form, and principles of conduct for the SECOM Group, also including “The Constitutions of SECOM Group in Business and Management,” and “SECOM’s Ten Fundamental Management Policies,” etc. The handbook is fondly nicknamed “Shirohon,” meaning a white book, among our employees.

Each chapter of SECOM’s Philosophy is introduced in the Company newsletter “SECOMITY” in order to facilitate the sharing and implementation of principles.

SECOM’s Philosophy (Shirohon)

The Tri-ion Initiative

In 2018, the year we formulated the SECOM Group Road Map 2022, we also began promoting efforts in line with the Tri-ion Initiative, a project that seeks to ensure that SECOM’s Philosophy fully penetrates every aspect of the SECOM Group’s operations and in so doing increase the value of the SECOM brand.

This initiative seeks to arouse employees’ passion, encourage them to share their excitement—a powerful emotion—and bolster motivation (the “ion” in the initiative’s name is the last three letters of “passion,” “emotion,” and “motivation”) and to nurture employees who personify SECOM’s Philosophy.

We also hold a liberal discussion about the vision we seek as a company and an individual at offices across Japan called “Discussion for Our Corporate Symbol,” regular meetings among management and staff to share the same mentality, the same mission. We also gather and award episodes that embody the philosophy, and open a dedicated website to share information and promote these activities to further instill the philosophy.

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SECOM’s Philosophy. This page introduces SECOM’s sustainability initiatives. Since our founding, SECOM, recognizing “the importance of mutual sustainable growth for corporations and society,” has worked to solve social/environmental issues through our business activities in terms of the economy, environment, and society.