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A Message from the President

Contributing to the sustainability of society by achieving the “ANSHIN Platform” concept

Yasuo NakayamaChairman and Representative Director

Vision for 2030 for continual response to diversifying needs for “safety and peace of mind”

SECOM has grown with our mission of “achieving a society free from concerns.” Our philosophy of “conducting business that is beneficial to society” is always at the foundation of our activities. By positioning this philosophy as essential value, we have sought to exist as a corporate group that is trusted by society. These basic principles have been inherited since our founding and have remain unchanged throughout the passage of time.

In fiscal 2017, we formulated the SECOM Group Vision for 2030. Based on the pursuit of our long-term mission, the Vision brings our ideal form for the near future into sharper focus. Amidst the drastic changes in today’s social environment, there are increasing problems such as crimes and accidents (including cyberspace), illness, aging, and natural disasters. Needs for “safety and peace of mind” are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to respond to such needs, the SECOM Group Vision for 2030 introduces the ANSHIN Platform concept as the basis for providing services to customers and society, which has three characteristics: (1) Peace of mind, whenever and wherever necessary, (2) Peace of mind, for anyone and everyone, and (3) Peace of mind, seamlessly.

I have been working on the base for this concept since I was appointed as President in 2016. However, particularly because the Vision targets the future year of 2030, I felt that decisions should not be made by the management team or the executives. Therefore, I formed a project team consisting mainly of the young members and mid-career members who will be the main players of SECOM in 2030, and engaged in thorough discussion with the team.

This process gave birth to the concept of the SECOM’s ANSHIN Flow for achieving peace of mind seamlessly. In everyday life, we provide advance preparation for risks. In the event of an emergency, we accurately grasp the situation and minimize damage. Then, after the emergency, we provide swift support for post-disaster restoration. SECOM operates in seven business fields including security services, fire protection services, and medical services. This enables us to provide customers with truly comprehensive and seamless services for peace of mind, which is unique to SECOM.

Entrusting safety and peace of mind to SECOM enables our customers to concentrate on their main business. Expecting the unexpected makes it possible to keep daily life and society moving. SECOM takes pride in our position as the No. 1 corporation for enhancing the productivity and resilience of the society.

The Vision for 2030 sets exactly the same target year as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which were adopted by the United Nations in 2015. In response to the SDGs, initiatives for addressing various social issues are being implemented throughout the world. SECOM also places high priority on the SDGs. SECOM’s business aims to achieve social sustainability; as such, our business is completely in line with the SDGs. Moving forward, we will further consider the link between the Vision for 2030 and the SDGs. We will assign priority to the 17 goals and conduct intensive examination of the goals to formulate concrete approaches.

The SECOM Group Road Map 2022 clarified priority issues for action

This fiscal year, SECOM formulated the SECOM Group Road Map 2022 as a milestone for accelerating progress towards achieving our Vision for 2030. The Road Map 2022 clarified “technological advances” and “declining workforce” as priority social issues, which SECOM needs to address. As technological advances including AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things) increase the convenience in society, the demand for security is expanding. The declining workforce is creating greater needs for secure and reliable business support which helps companies make effective use of limited labor resources.

Today, the question is what service innovations SECOM will make in response to these social trends. We are required to create services based on a concept of bringing in markets by constantly anticipating what a sustainable society will need, rather than a concept of providing services that can be sold around the world. SECOM must challenge a major self-transformation by turning the aforementioned two priority issues into business opportunities.

Based on this concept, we will make an intensive investment in “people” and “systems.” Today, companies no longer choose their employees; instead, employees choose their company. We will provide employment opportunities to a diverse range of people, as well as to enhance training and personnel development curriculums which lead to the self-realization of new employees so that we remain attractive and the company of choice among human resources.

We make full use of systems in order to support human resources. We invest in next-generation core systems, as well as AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)*1. SECOM is one of the few security companies in the world to possess our own research and development department. At the SECOM Intelligent Systems Laboratory and the SECOM Development Center in Mitaka, Tokyo, a large number of researchers are striving every day to develop technology that brings peace of mind.

For six consecutive years, SECOM has posted records for net income. In times of such strong business performance, we need to build an infrastructure for future-oriented SECOM-Transformation through strategic investment.

Furthermore, SECOM places high priority on co-creation partners in our future business strategy. As needs for security and peace of mind continue to diversify and grow more complex in today’s society, services we provide should be tailored to meet each customer’s needs. The strength of SECOM alone is insufficient to respond to these needs; instead, we cooperate with third parties who share our vision.

We have already created new business based on co-creation. Through collaboration with SGS Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of one of the world’s largest certification organizations, we cooperate in formulating new assessment criteria by standardizing security measures at logistic facilities. Furthermore, we collaborate with the semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics Corporation to develop a safe IoT security infrastructure that prepares for cyberattacks and others.

A “platform” is a space where all sorts of items come and go, linking together according to their purpose—just like a platform in a train station. The ANSHIN Platform SECOM presents is a place where people with needs for security are connected with various services which can fulfill their needs.

Seeking to become a reliable corporate group with management performed by all employees based on employee satisfaction

Since being appointed as President, I have created as many opportunities as possible for visiting our offices throughout Japan, as I believe that human resources are essential competitive power for SECOM. Conversation with employees on the frontline gave me a lot of findings. While interacting with customers on a daily basis, they put great thought on what is expected of SECOM from each of their perspectives. A thorough communication between frontline employees and headquarters is essential for creating new value.

The formulation of Vision for 2030 and Road Map 2022 was very meaningful in terms of thoroughly sharing the ideal image of SECOM within the Company. I was delighted to hear young employees say that “the Vision is exactly what I had been thinking about my own work and SECOM.” I feel that we have established the shared values of “working for society” and “feeling happiness when appreciated by customers.”

In today’s society, the environment is changing rapidly and the future is unforeseen. In such times, a process in which top management sets strategies and the employees implement those strategies on-site is not fast enough to respond to social needs. Instead, each employee must understand their own mission and take the initiative, which makes an organization managed by all employees. A high level of employee satisfaction is necessary to implement participation by all employees in management. Working to improve employee satisfaction will enable each employee to build such organization. This results in a positive cycle in which service quality improves and the Company receives further trust from customers and society, thus further increases employee motivation that lead to the creation and provision of even better services. This is the reason why I positioned “participation by all employees in management based on employee satisfaction” as my first priority upon being appointed as President.

Our services for safety and peace of mind are intangible and based on trust. I expect our employees to make judgments which are always justifiable and fair for the society, not only for SECOM, and refuse to be content with the status quo. Guided by these philosophy of SECOM, I hope that employees will widen the circle of trust from inside to outside our company.

From July 2018, we started companywide Tri-ion Initiatives for further instilling the SECOM’s Philosophy in the Company. By making each employee the embodiment of the SECOM’s Philosophy, we seek to become a company where work brings even greater fulfillment to employees who can feel the joy of contributing to people and the society, the joy of growing towards self-realization, and the joy to fostering trust with colleagues and society.

Deepening engagement with our stakeholders and growing sustainably with the society

Nowadays, we see a growing trends of ESG investment which focuses on the environment, society, and governance aspects of the corporate activities. This form of investment is required by current society as a prerequisite for ensuring sustainability of companies. I will try to gain more understandings of our initiatives through engagement with investors on the Vision for 2030 and Road Map 2022.

In particular, SECOM has been a leading corporation in terms of environmental actions. In SECOM’s online security system, we manage the entire lifecycle of security devices and serves as a resource-recycling and low-carbon model for pursuing higher rates of recycling and energy efficiency. This creates a high level of environmental harmony. In 2016, SECOM was the only domestic service corporation to be selected for the A List, which is the highest rank by the Carbon Disclosure Project (an international environmental NGO) for countermeasures for climate change. Furthermore, we are currently preparing to disclose the financial impact of the risks and opportunities of climate change as preparation for cooperating with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)*2.

In addition, we have strengthened initiatives with local communities which are also our important stakeholder. In 2016, we made the “Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement” with Shibuya Ward in order to resolve social issues such as disaster prevention, a super-aging society, and diversity. We also made the “Agreement on Community Town-Building with Safety and Peace of Mind” with Toshima Ward in September 2018.

Moving forward, SECOM will take group-wide action for realizing our ANSHIN Platform concept while valuing connections with various stakeholders. In order to provide enduring peace of mind to an ever-changing society, we will strive to grow sustainably as a corporate group by resolving a variety of social issues.

  1. RPA (Robotic Process Automation): Initiatives for increased efficiency and automation of work (mainly white collar) by utilizing cognitive technology (rule engines, machine learning, AI, etc.).
  2. TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures): An organization established in 2015 by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in order to review basic principles for disclosing the impact of climate change on corporate profit/loss and cash flows.
A Message from the President. This page introduces SECOM’s sustainability initiatives. Since the time of our founding, based on recognition for “the importance of mutual sustainable growth for corporations and society,” SECOM has worked to solve social/environmental issues through our business activities in terms of the economy, environment, and society.