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Initiatives for Local Communities and International Communities

We recognize SECOM’s mission to contribute to communities in a variety of forms including the creation of employment opportunities and the growth of local communities. SECOM seeks to resolve social imperatives by collaborating with various partners such as national government, local governments, corporations, and NGOs.

Initiatives for local communities

Collaboration with the community

Agreement with Shibuya Ward

In August 2016, SECOM executed the “Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement” with Shibuya Ward, the location of our headquarters. The Agreement establishes a partnership for resolving a variety of social imperatives such as disaster preparedness.

SECOM and Shibuya Ward will mutually cooperate in a wide range of fields such as urban development with a high level of disaster preparedness, support for health promotion in preparation for an ultra-aging society, and activities for raising awareness towards a diverse society. SECOM cooperates with the community to create an even more appealing ward for all of those who are living, working, and enjoying entertainment in Shibuya.


SECOM executed the “Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement” with Shibuya Ward

Main activities in fiscal 2017

  • Participation in SHIBUYA BOSAI FES, comprehensive disaster-preparedness training in Shibuya Ward
    For two consecutive years, SECOM has sponsored SHIBUYA BOSAI FES and operated a booth, thus contributing to raising awareness for disaster-preparedness in the community.
  • Support for elderly persons in the community at Alive Yoyogi Oyama-Machi, a residence for the elderly with nursing care services
    In September, we opened a portion of the SECOM Group’s fee-based nursing home in Shibuya Ward and held events aimed at promoting health and encouraging interaction with local residents.
  • Cooperation with the Para-Work project
    SECOM supports in Para-Work, a project in which artists with disabilities and junior high school students from Shibuya Ward cooperate in creating pictures. We provided our conference hall as a presentation venue in November, and exhibited artworks in our showroom on the first floor.

Agreement with Toshima Ward

In June 2018, SECOM executed the “Agreement on Safe and Secure Urban Development by the Community” with Toshima Ward.

Toshima Ward is home to Ikebukuro Station, one of Japan’s largest terminal stations. It is predicted that even more people will gather in Toshima Ward in the future, which creates the need for urban development for an even more secure lifestyle.

SECOM cooperates in the “Safe and Secure Urban Development” project operated by Toshima Ward. We support community crime-prevention activities and disaster-preparedness training, as well as promote first treatment at events.

Agreement with Sapporo city

In June 2018, the Hokkaido branch of SECOM and Sapporo city executed the “Consumer Lifestyle Supporter” memorandum.

“Consumer Lifestyle Supporter” is a system that corporations, organizations, and individuals register as supporters who cooperate with Sapporo city to conduct monitoring activities and awareness-raising activities aimed at early discovery and advance preparation of unscrupulous business practices that target the elderly and people with disabilities.

Our Hokkaido branch was registered as the first official supporter in the security industry and conducts these activities.

Moving forward, in order to prevent consumers from being victimized, SECOM will work to raise awareness through employees’ education and distributing of leaflets to customers.

SECOM cooperates in the “Consumer Lifestyle Supporter” system of Sapporo city

Community interaction by the rugby team “SECOM Rugguts”

As part of activities to support reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the SECOM rugby team “SECOM Rugguts” has held a “rugby clinic” in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture since 2011. The clinic aims to encourage children living in the Tohoku region.

Our rugby clinic conveys the enjoyment of rugby and provides a teamwork experience to children in a wide range of age groups from elementary school to high school. In July 2018, the clinic was led by five players from the SECOM Rugguts and two additional staff members. It was attended by about 60 high school students and about 30 elementary students.

In their home ground in Sayama, Saitama Prefecture, the SECOM Rugguts conducts a variety of activities to deepen bonds with local residents. For example, the team holds tag rugby classes and participates in events held by Sayama city.

In September 2018, the Rugguts cooperated with Sayama city and held a tag rugby class for elementary school students.

Rugby clinics held by the SECOM Rugguts in disaster areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Activities in Fiscal 2017

  • June
    Held a tag rugby class at Irumagawa Elementary School. Attended by approximately 20 elementary school students.
  • July
    Held a “rugby clinic” in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture. Attended by approximately 30 high school students.
  • February
    Held a tag rugby class at Kashiwabara Children’s Workshop Harakko. Attended by approximately 30 elementary school students.

Activities in Fiscal 2018

  • July
    Held a “rugby clinic” in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture. Attended by approximately 30 high school students and approximately 30 elementary school students.
  • September
    Held a tag rugby class at Shinsayama Elementary School. Attended by approximately 40 elementary school students.

Initiatives at PFI correctional facilities operated by SECOM

Since April 2007, SECOM has operated services at the Mine Rehabilitation Program Center, Japan’s first PFI* correctional facility in Mine city, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The center houses 1,300 male and female first-time offenders on vast premises spanning 280,000 m2. The center promotes the inmates’ return to society through an extensive array of correctional education and occupational training. Facilities were designed and constructed by a consortium of 12 companies led by SECOM. Through our advanced security systems, SECOM provides safety management, support for correctional work, etc.

SECOM embarked on this project in order to fulfill our corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through our business activities.” The Mine Rehabilitation Program Center was opened by the Ministry of Justice with the aim of reducing the recidivism rate (the rate of inmates who commit crime again after finishing their prison term). SECOM conducts operations in response to this expectation and we strive to reduce the recidivism rate. When operating the center, SECOM has established “coexistence with the community” as an important theme. Initially, the center was staffed mainly by SECOM employees deployed from other regions at the time of opening. However, it is currently staffed almost entirely by locally-hired employees. In this way, SECOM has created employment opportunities in the Mine region.

Furthermore, based on the concept of “coexistence with regional industry,” the center is dealing with 29 local corporations through correctional activities. All of these corporations have been highly pleased with the prompt delivery and quality of products. The center actively interacts with the community and designates two days per week for holding tours of the facilities. In this way, we strive to obtain support from local residents.

Moreover, since October 2007, a consortium led by SECOM has started operating services at the Kitsuregawa Rehabilitation Program Center, PFI correctional facilities located in Sakura city, Tochigi Prefecture, as well as Kurohane Prison in nearby Ohtawara city.

Through these operations, SECOM supports the Japanese government’s goal for a recidivism rate of 0% and seeks to achieve social rehabilitation for as many inmates as possible, which contributes to the construction of a safe and secure society, as well as growth of the community.

*PFI (Private Finance Initiative): A method that utilizes private funding, management expertise, etc., in the construction and operation of public facilities.

SECOM operates services at Mine Rehabilitation Program Center, Japan’s first PFI correctional facilities

Activities for preventing cybercrime

Joint countermeasures against cybercrime with the Metropolitan Police Department

In June 2013, Secom Trust Systems Co., Ltd. executed an agreement for joint countermeasures against cybercrime with the Metropolitan Police Department. The agreement defines mutual cooperation in operations such as identifying cybercrime and preventing damage. Per the agreement, Secom Trust Systems is working to ensure early ascertainment for the status of damage caused by cybercrime and to prevent damage from spreading.

Cybercrime is increasing in sophistication and complexity, and is difficult to notice when damage has occurred. Moreover, even if damage is recognized, expert knowledge and skills are necessary to assess the status of damage, which hinders reports to the police and identification of incidents as crime. All of these factors interfere with the prevention of cybercrime.

As well as identifying the existence of cybercrime damage at customers, Secom Trust Systems provides support for preventing the expansion of damage and fast recovery of business activities, and business services which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to help strengthen security measures for preventing cybercrime damage.

Cooperation with the Japan Cybercrime Control Center, a general incorporated corporation for fighting cybercrime

SECOM is the only security company to cooperate with the Japan Cybercrime Control Center, an NPO dedicated to resolving threats in cyberspace.

The Japan Cybercrime Control Center accumulates and shares experiences with industry, academia, and government in resolving threats in cyberspace and serves as a new cooperative framework for more effective exercising of investigation rights by the police, as well as enabling preemptive/comprehensive response to threats.

In fiscal 2017, SECOM received three awards from the Metropolitan Police Department in recognition for our contributions to the discovery of fraudulent websites and to the prevention of damages due to illegal account trading and illegal remittances.

Cooperating with INTERPOL to strengthen global measures against cybercrime

In order to confront the threats of cybercrime, SECOM cooperates with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) through activities such as providing technical support and dispatching employees.

In 2015, INTERPOL founded the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore. The IGCI provides support for cybercrime investigations to national law enforcement agencies that are IGCI members, promotes innovation, and holds education/training on cybercrime.

Since the establishment of the IGCI, SECOM has provided technical support for crime-prevention measures in new fields such as the dark web* and virtual currency. Recently, SECOM has dispatched full-time employees to conduct surveys/research on how AI, IoT, robotics, and other new technology can be maliciously used in crime, as well as how that technology can be used for preventing crime and making arrests.

  • Dark web: A highly anonymous and secretive cyberspace which can only be accessed by using anonymizing software. The dark web is maliciously used by criminals who engage in illegal transactions of illegal drugs, firearms, fake IDs, etc.
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