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Initiatives for Disaster Support

In areas affected by wide-area disasters such as earthquakes and torrential rains, the SECOM Group cooperates with organizations such as local government and volunteer groups, and utilizes our technical capability and expertise to support recovery/reconstruction.

Initiatives for Disaster Support

Actions by the SECOM Disaster Support Project

Since December 2016, SECOM has operated the SECOM Disaster Support Project. In areas affected by wide-area disasters such as major earthquakes and heavy flooding, SECOM conducts long-term support for recovery and reconstruction and works to improve regional disaster-preparedness ability during ordinary times.

In areas affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes that occurred in April 2016, we supported by supplying AEDs to common rooms and assembly halls of temporary housing, holding workshops on using AEDs, providing SECOM My Doctor Plus (services to responding to senior’s emergencies) to residents of temporary housing and post-disaster public-funded rental accommodations, and providing security cameras to disaster areas of long-term designation zones.

In areas of northern Kyushu affected by torrential rain in July 2017, SECOM installed lockers with combination locks for storing personal items at evacuation shelters, provided AEDs to assembly halls of temporary housing, and held workshops on using AEDs.

In areas of western Japan affected by torrential rain in July 2018, SECOM gave monetary donations and provided AEDs to commons rooms/assembly halls of evacuation centers and temporary housing. Furthermore, for disaster volunteer leaders who oversee support activities in disaster areas, we implemented status monitoring support via SECOM My Doctor Watch in an effort to manage safety for conditions such as heatstroke.


Provided AEDs to common rooms, etc., at temporary housing and held AED classes

Supporting the elderly via SECOM My Doctor Plus

Cooperation with fire brigade activities

Fire brigades are the core of local disaster preparedness. However, in recent years, the number of brigade members has been decreasing throughout Japan and there is concern regarding a decline in the disaster preparedness ability of local communities. In order to improve these conditions, SECOM actively cooperates in fire brigade activities aimed at heightening the disaster response capability of local communities from ordinary times.

For employees who belong to local fire brigades, SECOM adjusts their work duties to be flexible to promote active participation in fire-fighting activities, training, and other events, even during ordinary working hours. Throughout Japan, more than 130 SECOM employees participate in fire brigades.

Also, as an office that actively participates in fire brigade activities, SECOM headquarters (located in the Harajuku neighborhood of Shibuya Ward) has received a “Certificate for Office Cooperating with Fire Brigades” and “Award for Office Cooperating with Fire Brigades” from the Tokyo Fire Department.

More than 130 employees participate in fire brigade activities

SECOM headquarters was certified as an “Office Cooperating with Fire Brigades”

Pasco activities to support disaster recovery

Pasco Corporation is a SECOM Group company that provides geospatial information services. Pasco utilizes spatial information technology to support national resilience through various forms ranging from preliminary measures such as risk assessment for natural disasters and creation of disaster-preparedness plans and hazard maps to support for reconstruction/recovery. Moreover, at the time of large-scale natural disasters, Pasco uses satellites, aircraft, etc., to quickly ascertain and analyze disaster conditions, as well as to provide information to local governments, national government agencies, and other related organizations that implement disaster measures.

At the time of the Kumamoto Earthquakes in 2016, Pasco cooperated with related organizations through supports such as taking aerial photographs to assess disaster conditions and performing recovery measurement for geodetic reference points required for disaster recovery projects. In recognition of this supports, in April 2017, Pasco received three certificates of gratitude as an “Outstanding Contributor to Disaster Countermeasures” from the Director General of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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Major activities from fiscal 2015;

  • VolcanoApril 2015; Mount Zao Volcanic activity monitoring
  • VolcanoMay 2015; Owakudani Valley, Mount Hakone Volcanic activity monitoring
  • VolcanoJune 2015; Kuchinoerabu-jima Island Volcanic activity monitoring
  • VolcanoJune 2015; Mount Asama Volcanic activity monitoring
  • VolcanoAugust 2015; Sakurajima Island Volcanic activity monitoring
  • TyphoonSeptember 2015; Heavy rain damage caused by Typhoon Etau
  • VolcanoSeptember 2015; Mount Aso Volcanic activity monitoring
  • EarthquakeApril 2016; Damage caused by Kumamoto Earthquakes
  • TyphoonAugust 2016; Heavy rain damage caused by Typhoon Lionrock
  • FloodingJuly 2017; Heavy rain damage in northern Kyushu
  • FloodingJuly 2017; Heavy rain damage in Akita Prefecture
  • VolcanoOctober 2017; Mount Kirishima/Mount Shinmoedake Volcanic activity monitoring
  • VolcanoJanuary 2018; Mount Kusatsu-Shirane Volcanic activity monitoring
  • VolcanoMarch 2018; Mount Kirishima/Mount Shinmoedake Volcanic activity monitoring
  • LandslideApril 2018; Landslide damage in Nakatsu city, Oita Prefecture
  • FloodingJuly 2018; Heavy rain damage in western Japan
  • EarthquakeSeptember 2018; Earthquake damage caused by the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake
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