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Initiatives for Supporting Sports

Through sponsorship in sporting events, SECOM contributes to the growth of those events and cooperates for safe and secure operation of events.

Contributing to the growth of sporting events

Sponsorship of long-distance running events (marathons, ekidens)

SECOM sponsors long-distance running events such as the Hakone Ekiden (Tokyo-Hakone Intercollegiate Ekiden) and the Tokyo Marathon. We view the image of athletes continually running all-out towards the finish line of long-distance events overlaps the image of “SECOM that keeps running.”

Public roads are used as the majority of courses for these long-distance running events and the roadside is lined with large numbers of fans, which makes secure operation necessary. As a sponsor, SECOM provides security to ensure safe and secure events.

Tokyo Marathon

At the Tokyo Marathon 2018, SECOM implemented an AI image recognition system. This new technology uses AI to analyze security camera images of congested crowd, detect trespassing on the course, and achieve early detection of disorder/abnormalities in the crowd.

SECOM also used “SECOM 3D Security Planning,” utilizing three-dimensional maps to propose optimal security plans. Additionally, we deployed “On-Site Center,” a monitering system mounted on a vehicle, where images from wearable cameras worn by security guards and various types of security cameras installed along the course are managed and analyzed, allowing us to protect the course in braorder scale.

Sponsor of the Tokyo Marathon since 2015

Providing the latest security measures at Tokyo Marathon

Hakone Ekiden

At the Hakone Ekiden (Tokyo-Hakone Intercollegiate Ekiden) held in January 2018, a total of more than 1,000 static guards were responsible for security for all sections of the race. We utilized wearable cameras and an “On-Site Center,” to support smooth operation of the ekiden. SECOM also provided AEDs to prepare for emergencies such as cardiac arrest.

Provided security along the course of the Hakone Ekiden

Sponsorship for rugby

The characteristic of rugby, a sport in which players push forward relentlessly, matches SECOM’s corporate culture of continually evolving towards our goals. Considering that the image of rugby overlaps the image of “SECOM that constantly pushes forward,” SECOM cooperates with the Japan Rugby Football Union (a public interest incorporated foundation) as an official sponsor of the Japan National Rugby Union Team.

SECOM has supported activities by the women’s national teams (15s and 7s) since fiscal 2014 and the men’s national teams (15s and 7s) since fiscal 2016. Also, from 2015, we have been an official team sponsor of the Sunwolves, a Japanese rugby team that competes in Super Rugby, the world’s top rugby league.

SECOM is an Official Sponsor (Total Security Services) of Rugby World Cup 2019™, Japan.

Members of Japan national rugby team

Official Sponsor of Rugby World Cup 2019™, Japan
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Symbolic Team Certification for the company rugby team “SECOM Rugguts”

SECOM rugby team “SECOM Rugguts”

SECOM rugby team “SECOM Rugguts”

The SECOM Rugguts (currently a member of the Top East League; member of the Top League in 2003, 2005, and 2006) was certified as a corporate symbolic team. Our entire company supports the Rugguts activities.

Supports for other sports

  • Photograph: Sailing
    Official Partner (from 2016)
  • Photograph: Equestrian
    Official Partner (from 2016)
  • Photograph: Japan Open Golf Championship, Japan Women's Open Golf Championship, Japan Senior Open Golf Championship
    Japan National Open Championships (Golfs)
    Special Sponsor (from 2017)

For information on SECOM’s sponsorship and support in various sporting events, please refer to “SECOM that keeps running.”

An Official Partner Security Services and Planning Category of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Still in our infancy, in 1964 we provided security services for the Olympic Village at the Tokyo 1964 Games, earning high marks and the trust of society.

We look forward to helping ensure the safety and security of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and will continue working to create innovate services that will help us achieve this goal.

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