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Value Chain Management

Cooperation from all of our diverse suppliers and business partners is essential in order to provide high-quality services and products and to earn the trust of society. SECOM gives emphasis on mutual understanding and legal compliance. Based on strong partnerships, SECOM works together with our clients to address CSR issues.

Basic concept and policies

To fulfill the SECOM Group’s social responsibility and to grow sustainably, we recognize the necessity to cooperate with the entire value chain, including suppliers and business partners, to work on solving CSR issues such as organizational governance, fair operating practices, human rights and labor practices, consumer issues, and environment.

Therefore, we have established the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers to provide guidelines and concepts on CSR in SECOM. We work together with our suppliers and business partners to fulfill our CSR.


Divisions which are responsible for promoting major CSR topics play a leading role and cooperate to facilitate close communication with clients as they work to resolve CSR issues. For example, the Environmental Promotion Group of the General Affairs Department promotes CSR Procurement based on the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers. The Techno Service Headquarters cooperates with subcontractors in charge of installation of security devices and promote Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).


Establishment of the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers: September 2016
Distribution of the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers: 693 main suppliers (as of March 2018)

Main CSR initiatives among the value chain

In order to promote CSR among the value chain and contribute to the resolution of social imperatives, SECOM implements the following initiatives while obtaining understanding and cooperation from our suppliers and business partners.

  • Implementation of CSR surveys at suppliers and establishment of the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers
  • Assessment and reduction of the amount of CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3) throughout the entire value chain via cooperation with suppliers
  • Establishment of the SECOM Green Design Guidelines which pursue energy-saving performance, reduction of amount, and reduction of volume, and request to suppliers for compliance
  • Strengthening relationships with subcontractors involved in the facilities management business

SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers

To promote CSR procurement, we implemented the Supplier CSR Survey in 2013 with the purpose of ascertaining the suppliers’ engagements in themes such as the core subjects of ISO26000, an international standard regarding social responsibility. Furthermore, in order to ensure shared recognition of CSR throughout the entire value chain and to take necessary steps, we established the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers. In September 2016, we distributed the Guidelines to our main suppliers and asked them to implement measures.

Additionally, we held a variety of training and education on compliance for managers at overseas group companies. Contents included compliance with laws in each country, prevention of bribes, information management.

Moving forward, we will continue to construct fair and healthy partnerships with suppliers and promote CSR.

SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for SuppliersPDF 362 KB

Contents of the SECOM Group CSR Guidelines for Suppliers

  • Legal compliance: Compliance with laws and social norms (in Japan and other countries and regions), import and export transactions
  • Organizational Governance: Information security, protection of personal information, information disclosure, risk management, fraud, whistle-blowing hotline and protection of whistle-blowers, insider trading
  • Human rights and labor: Respect for human rights, elimination of discrimination, acceptance of diversity, right to organize and right to collective bargaining, child labor and forced labor, labor conditions, harassment, OH&S and health management, conflict minerals
  • Environmental protection: Prevention of global warming, efficient use of resources, pollution prevention, chemicals management, waste products, biodiversity, environmental targets
  • Operating practices: Prevention of corruption, bribery and pay-offs, excessive business entertainment and gifts, competition rules and fair trading, extortion, intellectual property, anti-social forces
  • Consumer issues: Quality management, safety, appropriate labeling and information disclosure

These guidelines refer to international guidelines such as ISO26000, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Initiatives of the Techno Service Headquarters and subcontractors

The Techno Service Headquarters, which is in charge of installing security devices, holds the OH&S General Meeting every year. Together with subcontractors involved in the facility management business of constructing security systems, inspecting building facilities, conducting preventive maintenance, and making renovation proposals, the Techno Service Headquarters works to strengthen compliance and addresses OH&S issues, etc.

Every month, in addition to an OH&S Council with subcontractors, we implemented various types of special safety education programs such as foremen education to a total of 691 employees in fiscal 2017. Moreover, safety patrols conduct onsite visits to discuss the degree of OH&S implementation with subcontractors and to immediately correct any areas requiring correction.

As a result, compared with the industrial incident rate (per 1,000 workers) announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the incident rate at SECOM under the same conditions was less than half of the 4.5% incident rate for the construction industry in 2017.

2018 OH&S General Meeting

2018 OH&S General Meeting

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