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Environmentally-Friendly Products and Services

Concept for the development of environmentally-friendly products and services

Based on our environmental philosophy and basic environmental policy, SECOM recognizes the importance of contributing to the “resolution of global environmental issues through our business.” Accordingly, we work to develop environmentally-friendly products and services for contributing to energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions.

The following is an introduction for some of our environmentally-friendly products and services.

Examples of environmentally-friendly products and services

Secure data center

SECOM stores our clients’ information assets at secure data centers which have the highest level of security in Japan and robust facilities.

Our secure data centers are equipped with the most advanced energy-saving equipment such as cooling systems which utilize geothermal heat. Many clients use our data centers as a data security measure and as an energy-conserving/electricity-saving measure.

Secure data centers contribute to electricity-saving measures


SECOM FX is a system that combines safety management with automatic facility control functions. In addition to monitoring for intruders and fires, the system uses flexible schedule settings to control facilities. The system enables automatic closing/opening of shutter doors at entrances and exits, as well as control of lighting and air conditioners, which will reduce wasteful use of electricity and makes systematic use of energy possible.

For example, at unmanned stores, laundromats, warehouses, and other facilities, the system contributes to energy conservation through automatic control of electric signage, lighting, air conditioning and other equipment based on an operation schedule.

Contributes to energy conservation through automatic control of facilities such as unmanned stores, laundromats, etc.

SECOM ID Card Service

SECOM ID Card Service uses a single ID card to enable various tasks from control of persons entering/exiting the office and security measures (logon authentication for computers, etc.) to efficient operation of multifunction machines (machines which integrate the functions of copiers, scanners, printers, fax machines, etc.).

Linking ID card authentication with the operation of multifunction machines prevents wasted printing and enables management for the number of sheets printed. This contributes to a reduction in the amount of paper and ink consumed. Furthermore, by linking the ID card with building facilities, it is possible to efficiently turn on/off facilities such as air conditioning and lights when entering or exiting a room, which contribute to a reduction in the amount of electricity used.

SECOM ID Card Service enables a reduction in the amount of electricity used

SECOM ANSHIN Eco Document Digitization Service

SECOM ANSHIN Eco Document Digitization Service digitizes documents such as applications, contracts, billing invoices, and notifications. The service provides digital certificates for accreditation/certification services in compliance with the e-Document Law, and timestamps that comply with international standards required per national tax regulations.

“Electronic signatures using digital certificates” and “timestamps” fulfill a role equivalent to the signatures and official seals used on paper documents. Digital documents on which electronic signatures and timestamps are used can be treated as original documents. Digitization of paper documents will reduce the amount of paper used, and will contribute to protection of the global environment by conservation of forests and reducing CO2 emissions associated with deliveries. Furthermore, the service reduces costs such as paper costs, printing costs, and shipping costs, increases work efficiency, and improves quality of information security.

“Energy-saving proposals” for inspection and maintenance

The Techno Services Headquarters constructs and inspects facilities related to SECOM’s online security system, and also performs maintenance for safety products and air conditioning facilities. Utilizing this know-how, the Headquarters provides recommendations/proposals and ascertains the amount of energy used at our clients’ stores, offices, etc., appropriate methods for saving electricity, and implementation of facilities with significant energy conservation results.

By proposing the optimal energy-saving measures to our clients and installing the required facilities, the Headquarters contributes to environmental protection while also helping to reduce costs. These benefits have brought great satisfaction to many of our clients.

Solar adjustment film: Film for improving the living environment

Affixed on surfaces such as window glass, this film for improving the living environment blocks more than 98% of ultraviolet rays and also prevents glass from shattering at the time of disasters. The film comes in three types: Film for preventing glass shattering, solar adjustment film, and privacy film. The solar adjustment film blocks the direct sunlight and heat rays which pass through glass, thus preventing an increase in indoor temperatures. This helps reduce use of air conditioning equipment and contributes to energy conservation.

Blocks direct sunlight and heat rays, thus preventing an increase in indoor temperatures

Secure interior window

SECOM and AGC, Inc. jointly-developed secure interior window. In addition to the safety and peace of mind provided by the window for crime-prevention, the interior window uses an aluminum sash and composite resin material to achieve outstanding durability and airtightness.

Approximately one hour of work time is required to install a secure interior window. It is attached to the existing window frame to enhance both security and comfort (cooling/heating efficiency, sound insulation, anti-condensation measures, etc.).

Secure interior window for both security and comfort

SECOM Home Service and Seikatsu Tasuke eco-related services

In SECOM Home Service, professional staff resolve problems in daily life for SECOM Home Security subscribers. Because of the popularity of SECOM Home Service, the SECOM Group company Kurashi-TEL Co., Ltd. provides Seikatsu Tasuke, which is a comprehensive suite of household support services for clients other than SECOM Home Security subscribers. Through SECOM Home Service and Seikatsu Tasuke, we have prepared an extensive menu of services for daily life.

Examples of SECOM’s eco-related services include an air conditioning and ventilation fan cleaning service that helps save electricity, installation of films and interior windows that improve the living environment by blocking heat from the outside, water-saving toilets which reduce water and electricity expenses, and installation of solar panels. Through these services, SECOM helps create an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly living environment.

Air conditioning cleaning services are part of SECOM Home Service

Dry Mist

Provided by Nohmi Bosai, Ltd., a member of the SECOM Group, Dry Mist is an innovative cooling system which creates a clean, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly space. The system focuses on the simple principle how sprinkled water absorbs heat from the surrounding air when the water changes into a gaseous state. The extremely fine particles of dry mist have superior transpiration and there is almost no feeling of wetness even if people come into contact with the particles. Based on performance at events such as the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan, the Dry Mist system is expected to reduce the temperature of the spray area by 2℃ to 3℃.

Furthermore, Dry Mist keeps the usage amount of electricity and water to an absolute minimum by using automatic operation that responds to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, and wind. Dry Mist provides coolness, invigoration, comfort, and refreshment, making the system an effective countermeasure to the heat island phenomenon.

In fiscal 2017, Dry Mist was installed in 18 locations throughout Japan. SECOM seeks to install the system in 21 new locations in fiscal 2018.

Provided by Nohmi Bosai, Ltd., Dry Mist is an effective countermeasure to the heat island phenomenon

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